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A Prophetess.

The Prophetesses are the powerful sorceresses of the Cult of the Lady of the Lake. Like all its members, they are imbued with the very aura of the Lady, the latter able to dissipate any vile curses or incantations conjured up on herself or those surrounding her. Their magical powers are vastly superior to the lower-ranking Damsels, being much more proficient in harnessing the power of nature in the form of Lore of Life or the Lore of Beasts. Many Prophetesses, however, choose to master the power of the very skies and employ Lore of Heavens, something the Damsels cannot do. They also have the power to foretell the future and provide counsel to the highest nobles. Some Prophetesses travel all around Bretonnia, giving counsel to many different people, as they see fit[1].

While the members of the Cult are able to ride horses (thus bypassing the Bretonnian restriction placed on women), the Prophetesses have enough authority to use rare Pegasus for a mount.[2]