Gnoblar Fighter

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Gnoblar Fighters

Gnoblar Fighters are a mass of Gnoblars of the Ogre Kingdoms that are courageous/foolhardy enough to band together in large swarms and attempt to earn their masters' favour by killing a particularly dangerous foe in a full-scale battle.

This is what they will tell. The fact, of course, is something different. Gnoblars are usually very poor fighters, and will seldom attack anything bigger than a weasel without backup, but if supported by a a dozen or so of his brothers, most Gnoblars are willing to take the risk of attacking a fully grown mountain goat. So the so-called Gnoblar Fighters will bog down some weak looking enemy unit and hope that they will suffer cardiac arest before the Gnoblars start getting killed.

Gnoblar Fighters are armed with any kind of sharp or sticky object, that they have looted from old battlefields and they are able to wield - i.e. carry around - like broken bottles, rusty blades, spare arrows, small clubs with large nails in it etc. They also will utilize any small, hard and particularly sharp object - mostly stones, broken glass, shards of armour or angry hedgehogs - to throw it on the enemy in an unpleasant hail.