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Name Notes
Magic Weapons
Thunder Mace This two-handed mace is very heavy and so very hard to swing. When it hits the enemy, however, it discharges lighting bolts that hit all enemies around it, doing great damage. Should the Ogre be fighting against a single opponent, he might have his mace do a single powerful discharge, that melts through armour and incinerates most of the target's body.
The Tenderizer The magics inside this two-handed weapon literally shred and tenderize the flesh, slaying the opponent with gruesome effectiveness.
Feastfork When this long-shafted fork kills the opponent, it repulses his/her body back at great speed, usually crashing into the comrades of the fallen with the strength of battering ram.
Rustoak Feller This halberd is especially good on wood, allowing the wielder to effortlessly cut down any trees or shrubs in the way. This effects apply further to the ancient Forest Spirits, easily slicing their bodies apart.
Siegebreaker No two-handed weapon is as hard-hitting as this. While the hits can be dodged, the strike is truly powerful, especially so on the targets that can't dodge (eg. Steam Tank), where it literally shatters apart the wood, stone and iron.
Mirabelle This is a true rarity: an enchanted Leadbelcher Cannon! Its arcane wards accelerate the shot so much that it is propelled with the power of a full-size cannon! Such power must be used wisely, for the enchantments will lose their power after one use.
Skullplucker This weapon can drain the lifeforce from others. In addition to this, its power could either be used to attack faster or to bolster the armour of the bearer.
Longshank Club This club makes armour more brittle, weakens protective wards and delays the body's healing systems.
The Painted Tusk This tusk can only be comfortably used from the back of a Rhinox. When the beast sees it, it gains great eagerness for maiming and stomping the enemy.
Bloodcleaver All Butchers like spilling blood. This cleaver allows them to absorb the blood of the enemy into their own body.
Trollspitter This long lance burns with magical fire, created to create lasting wounds that not even Trolls can re-grow.
Magic Armour
Mastodon Armour Not only does this armour match the hell-forged Chaos Armour in protection, but it also thickens where the arrow or bullet is about to hit, often making all shots go in vain.
Greatskull This thisck skull does make a bearer more protected. However, its enchantments are ill-combined with Gut Magic, making it much more likely to kill the caster.
Bullgut Having a thickened paunch makes an Ogre much tougher and heavier, greatly increasing the power of his already-fearsome charge. In addition, it increases his belief about superior size, making him scoff the often-superior numbers of opponents.
Gut Maw Not only does this great maw makes his body thicker, but it also consumes the flesh of the slayed into the body of an Ogre.
Greedy Fist This well-named ironfist disables the enchantments on the enemy weapons.
Sky-Giantskin Boots These strong boots may lift even an Ogre's bulk in the air, although they will lose their power soon after.
Spangleshard This weird talisman can sense the strength of a blow coming towards Ogre, creating wards with the power directly proportional to the power of the blow.
Cathayan Jet This creation is very good at resisiting the enemy magic or enchantments. However, the High or Dark Magic easily bypasses the protection.
Wyrdstone Necklace While that necklace might protect the bearer, if it dislikes him, it might try to strangle him instead, stopping if overpowered.
Gnoblar Skullwreath The assortment of Gnoblarkin skulls makes them much less willing to run away from danger.
Gnoblar Thiefstone While this stone might not be very likely to protect an Ogre from magic, it is, like all things Gnoblar, much stronger when combined with some of its own.
Ravager Token As soon as the bearer spills someone's blood, he becomes infected with an overwhelming urge to carry on.
Arcane Items
Hellheart This gruesome heart infects the hostile wizards with the unpredictability of the Gut Magic. Once it does so, it collapses into dust.
Grut's Sickle This sickle is used by the Butcher's to spill the blood of their own in order to appease the Great Maw and gain more power from it.
Halfling Cookbook This cookbook protects the Gut Magicker from the unfortunate effects of his spells.
Bangstick This aptly named item literally launches a deadly sorcerous bang, similar in its power to a fireball. Due to Gnoblars being next to worthless in their masters' opinion, Butchers enjoy launching the bang through their ranks, killing some of the unfortunate folk on its way to the enemy lines.
Skullmantle This gruesome assortment of skulls is deeply unsettling to the enemy eyes, lowering their spirit and will to fight.
Maub's Mallet Using this mallet allows the Butcher/Slaughtermaster to literally break the legs of the enemies, forcing them to crawl their way on the battlefield and making them an easy prey.
Enchanted Items
Great Maw Tooth The mailgn influence of one of the countless Great Maw's teeth heightens enemy's making them much more likely to run at sight of Ogres.
Greyback Pelt The pelt of the Yhetee's breed gives to the wearer and to his pets the same agility and the same freezing aura that the once-alive pelt provider used to enjoy.
Deamon-killer Scars Only a Tyrant could slay the Daemon and thus gain those scars. This telltale indicator of his might terrifies the would-be fighting troops.
Jade Lion Somehow, the very sight of this statuette makes the Ogres banid=sh their fears to the back of their unsophisticated conscience (most of the time, anyway). Should they succumb to their fears and flee, the lion will shatter, the shards holding no magical value whatsoever.
Ghatot's Hot Pot The tasty contents of the pot will usually replenish Ogre's strength, toughen up his hide and heighten his reactions for the time being. However, tis pot is prone to include some dangerous ingredients that will also sicken or even kill the brute.
Gnoblar Stewpot All the pet Gnoblars rightfully fear this pot, for its only purpose is to stew one of them in their own juice, turning them into a tasty and replenishing snack.
Rock Eye This eye literally allows the wearer (the implanted?) to see through the rocks and other solid objects as if they were glass, really useful for capturing the runaway Gnoblars or enemy ambush.
Fistful of Laurels Throwing this collection of glorious leaves into the air will brave and spur on anyone, which is exactly what it is used for.
Ogrim's Beerstein This Ogre brew contains many ingredients considered dubious in a human or Dwarf society. Getting drunk on it may make the Ogre braver or make him lose what little senses he had. Far mor often, though, it is simply too dangerous to swallow and he is forced to spit it out, often on the unlucky enemies around.
Magic Banners
Dragonhide This banner is superbly enchanted, with its sorcery, guiding the attacking Ogres' clubs right on the top of resisting's skulls, shifts their armour to rebound the blades, and, finally, ressiting both Kislev's cold sorceries and the fiery breath of the actual Dragons.
Groth's Apron Carrying this apron creates some weak wards around Ogres, but, more importantly, it allows their bodies to repulse any poisons that might be used on them.
Tree of Woe This tree literally makes the enemy feel uneasy about fighting the unit carrying it, bringing their doom one step closer.
Morag's Standard This standard makes Ogres ignore all circumstances that are not in their favour, allowing them to keep fighting until they get enough of it, which isn't particularly likely to happen.
Trophy Rack Allowing Ogres' horde to proudly display their trophies has a dramatic effect on their morale.
Bull Standard This standard makes Ogres' bovine-like impact even more devastating.
Rune Maw Rune Maw can rebound the enemy sorcery from the target to some other allied formation, preferably a large rabble of Gnoblar Fighters.
Goresoaked Hide Waving this hide provides to an arriving Gorger a clear indicator of where to attack.
Rhinox Pelt Carrying this thick pelt provides great protection from any incoming missiles, as they are highly likely to get entangled in the thick fur.
Halfling Tablecloth This tablecloth somehow magnifies the Gut Magic cast on it, making it much harder for the enemy to counter.
Greenskin Pennant Strangely, this pennant makes the Ogres much more appreciative of the support of their slaves, to the point where it actually provides them encouragement.
Ragbanner Ragbanner is yet another item that allows Ogres to scoff their fears with much greater ease.
Cannibal Totem This totem bestows the degenerative cannibalism upon Ogres, making them much eager to gewt to the the enemies flesh and thus make them much better in combat. Once they slay them, however, few things can make them resist feasting on their corpses.

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