Fire Mouth

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Fire Mouth
Status Active
Home Mountains of Mourn[1a]
Relatives Great Maw (progenitor)[1a]
Sun (progenitor)[1a]
Affiliation Ogres[1a]
Followers Firebellies[1a]

The Fire Mouth is a volcano in the centre of the Mountains of Mourn. [1a]

The Ogres consider it the offspring of a liasion between the sun and the Great Maw and therefore a deity. [1a]

It is never quiet, lava always cascading down its side but major erruptions are seen by the Ogres as a sign to make war. [1a]


The Firebellies are the priests of the volcano god and can be found living and enacting rituals at its foot. [1a]


Between -947 and -930 IC, the volcano errupts having been relatively quiet for centuries, seeing this a sign Thug the Fist, the first Overtyrant leads many tribes to war across the lands. [1b]

When the Black Orc Warboss Urk Ironskull arose to power in the mountains, he was finally challenged by the Overtyrant Greasus Goldtooth. Urk choose to take the sacred volcano, driving off the Firebellies and awaiting the gathered tribes with his own horde. The two clashed in a brutal battle but eventually Greasus was the victor, squeezing the life from his opponent as geysers of flame errupted from the awakened Fire Mouth. Following his victory, the Overtyrant held a week long feast and told the assembled tribes ...tomorrow the world. [1c]


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