White Dwarf 227 (UK)

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White Dwarf 227
White Dwarf 227 cover.jpg
Dark Eldar
Cover Artist David Gallagher
Released November 1998
Preceded by White Dwarf 226
Followed by White Dwarf 228


  • Games Workshop News, pg. 2
  • Dark Eldar, pg. 7
  • Wych Cult?, pg. 13
  • Ain't Dark Eldar Brillian Too!, pg. 16
  • New Recruits - Another brilliant Warhammer regiment, the Empire Handgunners, pg. 23
  • Warhammer World, pg. 26
  • Dogs of War - At last, Borgio the Besieger, first featured in WD225, is here. With him come two more regiments, Al Muktar's Desert Dogs and Ricco's Republican Guard, pg. 28
  • Space Maine Land Speeder, pg. 32
  • Mordheim - Additional special equipment for you to make use of in the smashed and decaying City of the Damned. Plus another exciting Mordheim comic strip, pg. 37
  • Devestators, pg. 41
  • Collecting an Empire army - Nick Davis takes a look at putting together an Empire army, one of the most diverse and colourful armies in the Old World, pg. 46
  • Games Workshop Stores, pg. 54
  • Perils of Da Desert, pg. 62
  • Tomb Kings of Khemri - The Legions of the Undead as you've never seen them before! A brand new army list, with new troop types and special rules, pg. 69
  • Chapter Approved, pg. 81
  • Mailbox, pg. 89
  • La chanson de Janduià - Alessio Davatore won this year's Games Workshop staff tournament with his superb Bretonnian army. He describes his experience of the whirling mêlée of competition, pg. 91
  • Shadows at Dawn, pg. 99

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