Cult of Mordig

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The Cult of Mordig is the organised worship of Mordig the Great Ghul, a god of Araby. [1a]


As Nagash sent plagues across Nehekhara, the cult began to rise in power in cities such as Bel Aliad. [1a]

In -1150 IC Neferata infiltrated the cult in Bel Aliad, at first through Khaled al Muntasir but as many were blood drinkers and corpse eaters already, her undead nature quickly saw her rise to lead and be proclaimed as Queen of the Night and the Charnel Bride. [1a]


Devotees cover their bodies in tattoos that display the cult's holy writtings and wear cermonial silver masks and purple robes. [1a]

True Ghouls also serve the cult and the largest are chosen as an elite guard, favoured with freshest meat, armoured and even trained in the use of weapons such as the tulwar. Neferata used them as a form of praetorian guard. [1b]


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