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Elementalists are wizards who use Elementalism, an ancient branch of Magic. [1a]

They have a repuation for being individualists and are often likened to the Dwarfs in temperament - although not within earshot of either. [1a]

Their magic is fundementally opposed to that of Necromancers and Daemonologists. [2a]


Between 1260-1280 IC as the Age of Wars raged across the Empire, the Hedge Wizard Gunthar the Wise travelled across the Old World, attempting to forge a underlying theory of Magic. In Nuln, he was taught the alchemical theory of the four elements by Berthold Fessbinder and Gunthar considered that magic must also be composed of the elements. [1a]

He was able to create more powerful and purer spells through the use of his theory and he founded a small school for Elementalist Wizards in Nuln. They also discovered the creatures called Elementals which they considered avatars of the various elements, manifesting through the use of magic. Subsequently, this type of magic became the most respected form of wizardy in the war-torn Empire. [1a]

Magnus the Pious, although he respected the Elementalists, did not believe their magics were powerful enough to help him defeat the advancing hordes of Chaos. So he sought aid from the High Elves which angered many of them and when the Colleges of Magic were founded, the majority were reluctant to join. [1a]

Teclis was in truth impressed by the Elementalists theories but when he informed them that their fundementals were...wrong, it drove a final wedge between them. [1a]

Following the introduction of Licensing, members of the Nuln school were questioned or even tortured by the Witch Hunters until the college was granted its charter to grant licences in 2420 IC. [1a]


  • Air College: Perched atop a precipice in the Grey Mountains, it is a gothic structure with a single crystal dome. It was built around 2100 IC but around 2430 IC, it was nearly destroyed in a landslide and now the spells that saved it have to be regularly renewed. [1d]
  • Castle Water: Built around 2100 IC by the daughter of Baron von Teufal over the upper Teufal river in the Reikland, it controls an extensive rural estate including several villages. [1g]
  • College of Earth: Located near Wurtbad in Stirland, it is built into the side of east-facing hill to catch the dawn light. It was founded around 1800 IC by Holger Blech and is now run by four Earth-Masters. [1c]
  • Eldritch University: A specialist elementalist college in Nuln, it is a immense single round tower made of granite with one of the first tests of a candidate being to find a way in! [1b]
  • Fire College: A small, apparently unremarkable building in Bechafen in Ostermark with a library of unique spells. [1e]