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Magic Weapons.

Obsidian Blade

This blade of dark stone is sharp enough to easily penetrate armour by itself. However, the chaotic enchantments allow its strikes to literally shatter the armour of the enemy, even it is enchanted as well.

Dark Mace of Death

This rare weapon can only be of value to someone able to control the power inside. When such a bearer finds himself cornered by elite enemies, he will strike the ground with this mace and thus release the death itself to claim all around him.

Black Hammer of Hasnut

This hammer burns with flame of unholy power. Not only is it able to give horrific burns to regular enemies, but anything easily burned will be consumed by flames in an instant.

Magic Armour

Armour of Gazrakh

The sheer quality of this armour makes it able to withstand blows of any power.

Armour of the Furnace

This armour is of high quality by itself and its arcane wards might rebound some blows. What makes it really special, however, is the way flame of any power, be normal or sorcerous, will be absorbed by this aptly named gear.

Enchanted Items

Black Gem of Gnar

When this gem is cracked, it hinders arms of both the bearer and his enemy, leaving them unable to strike at each other.

Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

These gauntlets give unnatural strength to the bearer. He must be very careful with them, however, for should he miss his mark, the bloodthirsty gauntlets will strike down one of his own.


Talisman of Obsidian

This Talisman creates a barrier against winds of magic,stopping spells from coming the bearer's way, and stopping him or nearby wizards from casting anything.

Arcane Items

Chalice of Darkness

Should the Chaos Dwarfs face an extreme number of wizards, this chalice will absorb some winds of magic into itself, severely hindering both allied and hostile mages.

Magic Banners

Any enemy horrors that the Chaos Dwarfs slaves might face pale in comparison to the aura produced by this banner, making them less likely to be affected.


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