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Ghorth the Cruel is the most potent of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lords. [1a]

His chief servant is the general, Zhatan the Black, commander of the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund. [1a]


Ghorth dispatched Lord Gargath of House Baal to gather slaves and sacrifices [2a] granting him the honour of having Bull Centaurs from the Tower of Zharr join his forces. [2b]


So, Young One, you are bound on your first mission of conquest to the lands of the lesser races? Then listen to me and heed me well., for I, Supreme Lord Ghorth, do not suffer failures gladly. You must return with a abundance of slaves and sacrifices befoer the sun has passed the tower of Hashut ninety times. Gather your throng and do not spare your gold when calling warriors to your banner. Thus says I, Lord Ghorth of Zharr.

~ Ghorth to Gargath. [2a]


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