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Vraznak is a Chaos Dwarf Lord and General who led a army to attack the Wood Elves near Skull River. [1a]

In 2497 IC he and his kinsman, the Sorcerer Lord Zochaz led their forces to make the traditional raid on the Wood Elves in revenge for a previous assassination of a Sorcerer Lord in the Temple of Hashut itself centuries ago. [1b] They made their way across the Blasted Waste, enlisting renegade Hobgoblin scouts near Mount Gunbad and avoiding Dawi patrols from Karaz-a-Karak. [1a]

Finally they reached the source of the skull river and began to burn the forest using the oil and tar they had carried with them. Soon a mile high column of smoke marked their presence as Vraznak prepared his warriors for the desired Wood Elf response. Finally the enemy arrived, leading to the Battle of Skull River. [1a]

Following the defeat of the Elves, Vraznak and his warriors collected their trophies and skulls of the enemy and headed home. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment


Patience. They are coming. We shall taste their blood soon.

~ Vraznak to his Taurus. [1a]


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