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Zochaz is a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord and kinsman of General Vraznak. [1a]

In 2497 IC he and his kinsman, led their forces to make the traditional raid on the Wood Elves in revenge for a previous assassination of a Sorcerer Lord in the Temple of Hashut itself centuries ago. [1b] They made their way across the Blasted Waste, enlisting renegade Hobgoblin scouts near Mount Gunbad and avoiding Dawi patrols from Karaz-a-Karak. [1a]

Finally they reached the source of the skull river and began to burn the forest using the oil and tar they had carried with them. Soon a mile high column of smoke marked their presence as Vraznak prepared his warriors for the desired Wood Elf response. Finally the enemy arrived, leading to the Battle of Skull River. [1a]

Following the defeat of the Elves, Vraznak, Zochaz and his warriors collected their trophies and skulls of the enemy and headed home. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Dispel Magic and Destroy Magic Scrolls. [1c]


Excellent, my Lord, the spineless forest dwellers have fallen into our trap and now we take our revenge in blood. The insult we've suffered for these long and bitter years shall once more be avenged.

~ Zochaz. [1a]


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