Daughter of the Sands

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The Daughter of the Sands is the bride of the god Khsar, speaks with his voice and is the arbiter of his laws. [1a]

A daughter is born into each generation of the tribes of the Great Desert with the eyes of a lion and the ability to see into the soul of a person, scrying what is their fate. [1a]

It was considered bad luck to touch a Daughter of the Sands. [1a]


Originally the daughter was an advisor to the alcazzar, the chief of chiefs but following the death of Shahid the Fox in the War against Nagash, she led the survivors out of the deseert onto the Golden Plains. [1a] They tribes had broken their oath to Settra to serve and protect his kingdom and Khsar punished them for it, erasing safe routes and drying up wells. [1c]

After the war ended, the Daughter of the Sands entered the ruined palace in Khemri seeking guidance. Settra appeared before her and told her to seek out the City of the Dawn where they would find the next king of his city who would renew the oath. [1c]

In -1265 IC when Suleima saw the man known as Ubaid who was seeking adoption by the Bani-al-Hashim, she saw in him the salvation Settra had spoken of. Her successor, Ophiria told him ofhis destiny in -1240 IC and he pledged to renew the oath when he became king of Khemri. [1c]

Known Daughters


The bride of Khsar did not normally visit the tents of other men. [1d]

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