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Rasetra is a city of Nehekhara.

It is located in the south-eastern corner, roughly one thousand three hundred miles from Khemri and is surrounded by jungles.1


It was once a large city established by King Rakhash of Khemri as a defensive stronghold. Due to its distance from the centre of Nehekhara it was often the last city to be conquered by the major kings of the Nehekharan past. It was conquered by Khetep, as was all of Nehekhara, but joined in the attack on Khemri during the reign of Nagash. Unfortunately, the alliance which had overthrown Nagash collapsed and the cities warred with each other. It was then conquered by Alkharad and Alcadizaar.

When King Ushtep of Rasetra and King Imanotep of Mahrak fought in a giant crater between the two cities they discovered that they were too well matched and both blamed the gods for the joyless experience. Unfortunately for them they spoke their words before a half buried Hierotitan, transporting their complaints to the gods themselves. Angered, the gods cursed the kings to wage endless war upon each other and for 3000 years they have fought, a hundred hierotitans gathered on the crater's edge to watch, the gods themselves seeing through their eyes. [2a]

Finally, Settra, in his second coming, took the city and commanded the kings back to their chambers, awaiting his call to arise.[1]


In life the men of Rasetra were known for their skill and savagery in battle, from years of fending off Lizardmen raiders. Their chariots were pulled by great jungle lizards, and they were known to use Thunder Lizards as beasts of war in larger battles.Needs Citation

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