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Alchemy is a combination of Chemisty and Magic although alchemists consider it only a single area of study. [1a]


Its practioners and scholars seek the secrets of transmutation and its spells have little trace of Dark Magic but rather are used to manipulate, heat or cool the alchemical compounds. Most are practical, more concerned with chemicals than magic and those with higher goals tend to move to join the Gold Order. Although they must possess a Licence, Alchemists tend to generate less worry in local authorities as they often produce useful chemicals and reagents. [1a]


  • Channelled Shock: A small electric current is generated for an hour. [1b]
  • Cool: A small area is cooled and can also be used to manufacture ice. [1b]
  • Create Vacuum: A small area has all air removed from it. [1b]
  • Distil Homunculus: The caster uses this ritual spell to create a Familiar. [1b]
  • Essence of Air: A small blast of air is created, usually to flare up small fires. [1b]
  • Freeze: A small area is instantly frozen. [1b]
  • Heat: A small intense flame is produced which burns for two hours. [1b]
  • Impervious Hand: The hands of the caster are uneffected by cold, chemicals and poisons. [1b]
  • Maintain Temperature: A small area remains at a constant temperature for an hour. [1b]
  • Pressure: A small vessel has its pressure increased by four times normal. [1b]



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