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The Lore of Light is Magic derived from Hysh, the white wind of magic. [1a][4a]

It represents the abstract of consciousness and illumination in the literal and metaphorical meaning of the word. It is a magic of philosophical truth and wisdom, rather than the more academic and fact-based wind of Chamon. The magisters of Hysh are called Hierophants, and are often seen in the role of philosophers and valued advisors. [1a]

On the battlefield, it uses many exorcism spells, so Hierophants are particularly effective against the forces of Chaos and the undead, their light even being able to banish daemons, and their illuminating magic able to cure Chaos-spawned insanity and fear of the hearts of the mighty champions of the Empire. It also protects troops from mortal harm.[1a]

Even for those with the sight, the White Wind is almost invisible, showing itself as a lightly glowing haze, but as it is often found in bright, sunlit places, it is difficult to spot. The wind’s fleeting nature also makes it difficult to manipulate. [1a]

It is said to have three domains: [1a]

  • Illumination: literal and metaphoric. [1a]
  • Healing, protection, and preservation of the mind. [1a]
  • Exorcism: The concentrated power of Hysh burns away Chaos and banishes Daemons. [1a]


As Wizards of the Light Order grow in power the colour fades from their skin and thier eyes become golden or milky white. [4a]


  • Abulla’s Snare: A magical snare of light. [1a][5a]
  • Assault of Stone: Summons a hill to the battlefield, even on top of an enemy. [2a] [1a]
  • Banishment: A cleansing halo of Hysh issues forth effecting Daemons and the Undead. [1a][4a]
  • Blinding Light: Bright, blinding flash of light explodes from the hand or staff of the Wizard. [1a]
  • Channel Energy: Three or more Light wizards pool their powers. [5a]
  • Clarity of Thought: Calm a target’s mind, allowing them to think clearly. [1a]
  • Claw of Apek: A silvery talon forms and attacks a nearby enemy of the caster. [5a]
  • Crevasse: A rumbling crevasse is opened in the ground. [1a][5a]
  • Daemonbane: A blast of Hysh that can obliterate a Daemon, returning it to the Realm of Chaos. [1a][4a]
  • Dazzling Brightness: A burst of purest light. [2a][4a]
  • Deathly Shards: Shards of crystal energy are flung at enemies of the caster. [5a]
  • Driving Intent: Instil clarity and resolve to resist attempts to charm or intimidate. [2a]
  • Dwellers Below: Small hummocks form and from them tiny brown-skinned creatures attack the enemies. [5a]
  • Enlightenment: Banishes the unholy and strengthens the righteous. [2a]
  • Erect the Edifice: Creates a crude wall of packed earth and stone. [2a]
  • Eyes of Truth: The shining eyes of the caster sees through all illusions, magical darkness, invisibility and disguises. [4a]
  • Eyes of Volans: View the winds of magic more clearly than mundane reality. [2a]
  • Hands of Karkora: Pale hands burst from the ground to grapple or even pull an enemy underground. [2a][5a]
  • Healing Light: A bright, cleansing light can heal and even remove corruption. [2a]
  • Healing of Hysh: The caster can heal himself or another. [4a]
  • Illuminate the Edifice: lluminate the interior of a building - the larger the structure, the more power is required. [2a]
  • Inspiration: The light of Hysh helps solve a problem. [4a]
  • Light of Battle: The caster or an ally is infused by energy, moving immediately in another direction. [5a]
  • Light of Purity: imbues a single light source with magic that protects and purify's against disease. [2a]
  • Mace of Years: A glowing mace strikes all enemy characters. [5a]
  • Meissner’s Instantaneous Librarian: Locate a desired tome or grimoire. [2a]
  • Net of Amyntok: A net woven from strands of Hysh enfolds an enemy overcoming their mind. [2a][5a]
  • Orb of Hysh: Allows telekinetic manipulation of an object. [2a]
  • Perfect Comprehension: Understand any single language. [2a]
  • Phâ’s Protection: A protective aura of pure holy light against Chaos tainted, Daemonixc or Undead. [2a]
  • Pierce the Veil: See through mist, fog etc. [2a]
  • Pillar of Radiance: A column of burning light crashed down from the skies - also alerting all other wizards within 5 miles. [4a]
  • Radiant Gaze: A killing look. [4a]
  • Shimmering Cloak: A protective energy field. [2a][4a][5a]
  • Speed of Thought: A lattice of Hysh enhances mind and body. [2a]
  • Time Amok: The caster alters the flow of time. [2a]



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