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Dark Magic is the Magic of Chaos in its purest form. [1a]

Most of the raw chaos power that pours into the world through the Chaos Gates splits into its constituent parts but it can sometimes gather is pockets of the landscape, corrupting them for days, years or even centuries.[1a]

Dark magic is often found in dank, dark hollows, swamps and pools such as the Blighted Marshes that surround Skavenblight or the Devil's Bowl in the Barren Hills near Kemperbad. [1a]

It is easily detected by those who can see magic but even non-wizards often feel its chilling presence. In areas with a concentration of Dark Magic, there is a chance that anyone spending time there may begin to suffer mutation. [1a]


Those who use this magic ar eiher willing to take the risk for the greater power that they can wield or who do not relaise the true danger. The main exponents are the Dark Elves but others wizards who use it include: [1b]


  • Arnizipal's Black Horror: The caster summons a cloud of black corrosive vapour. [1c]
  • Battle Lust: Nearby allies are filled with rage and a lust for bloodshed. [2a]
  • Blade Wind: A storm of razor-sharp metal is flung at the enemies of the caster. [1c]
  • Dark Hand of Destruction: Dark energy talons sprout from the hands of the caster. [1c]
  • Death Spasm: A bolt of darkness stirkes the enemy, ignoring any armour they might be wearing. [1c]
  • Doombolt: A boiling bolt of black fire is thrown towards an enemy.[1c][2a]
  • Infernal Gateway: A hidden passageway is revealed through the Realm of Chaos itself. [2a]
  • Malediction of Nagash: Small cuts and gashes open on the flesh of the enemy, weakening them with great pain and blood loss. [1c]
  • Phantasmagoria: Visions of darkness attack the enemy, making them rage or panic. [2a]
  • Power of Chaos: Energy is drained from the Realm of Chaos, but this can draw Daemons to enter the world and attack the caster. [1c]
  • Soul eater: A taloned hand tears at the soul of their enemy. [2a]
  • Soul Drain: A thunderstorm is summoned to attack the casters enemy.[1c]
  • Stream of Corruption: The wizard flays the enemy flesh with corrupted magic. [2a]
  • Transformation of Kadon: The caster becomes a powerful monster. [1c]
  • Witch Flight: The caster is carried by a howling wind to a spot within 100 yards. [1c]
  • Word of Pain: The mage intones incomprehensible syllables, each more terrible than the last. [2a]



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