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Wizard using Battle Magic

Battle Magic was one of the most widely practised Magical arts allowing warrior mages to smite their enemies with a variety of spells. [1a]


Teclis taught the mages of the Empire Battle Magic during the Great War against Chaos in 2302 IC and it became the first type of magic to receive offical support. Most of its spells are practical and designed to be used on the battlefield to either attack or defend and Battle Wizards often become powerful figures in the Empire. [2a]


Often more hardy than other wziards who spend more time researching than fighting on the battlefield, practioners of Battle Magic were also favoured by generals across the Old World. They seldom had a fear of harnessing multiple Winds of Magic, more interested in ensuring a swift victory as they summon fire and mist and armour themselves in oak. [1a]


  • Accelerate Time: One entity moves extremely fast but may not cast spells for its duration. [2b]
  • Animate Sword: A non-magical sword is briefly given life and fights for the caster. [3d]
  • Arcane Urgency: Time slows around the allies of the mage who can cover great distances in the blink of an eye. [1b]
  • Arrow Invulnerability: The caster or another individual is immune to any and all non-magical missiles. [3d]
  • Arrow Storm: A quiver is briefly enchanted so that arrows spring into the firers hand. [2b]
  • Aura of Invulnerability: The caster is well protected by the spell. [3e]
  • Aura of Resistance: Provides some magical armour to the caster. [3a]
  • Aura of Protection: Provides good degree of magical armour to the caster. [3c]
  • Blast: The most powerful magic missile spell. [3e]
  • Break Weapon: A single weapon is destroyed but magical weapons may resist. [2b]
  • Cause Animosity: Provokes creatures that are already subject to animosity. [3a]
  • Cause Cowardly Flight: A group or an individual, unless they resist the spell will flee! [3d]
  • Cause Fear: A group or an individual, unless they resist the spell become frightened, the Undead do not care. [3d]
  • Cause Frenzy: A group are driven into a magical frenzy but it will not affect the Undead. [3c]
  • Cause Hatred: Induces hatred of another group or individal for a short period. [3c]
  • Cause Instability: Those entities subject ot Instability may become unstable. [3d][3e]
  • Cause Panic: A person or group will flee unless they resist. [3c]
  • Change Allegiance: A group or individual, if they do not resist the spell, treat the caster like a ally or friend. [3f]
  • Cloak of Darkness: The caster and any group with them are submermged in a forbidding magical darkness, although they can see out. [2b]
  • Conjure Servitor:A ritual spell that can be used to create a [[Familiar]. [2b]
  • Corrode: All non-magical metal items possessed by a target or group are destroyed. [2b]
  • Cure Light Injury: A minor wound can be healed. [3a]
  • Cure Severe Wound: Heals the caster or another individual touched but can not re-attach limbs. [3e]
  • Curse of Arrow Attraction: The enemy of the wizard finds that arrows seek them out with uncanny awareness. [1b][3e]
  • Curse of Cowardly Flight: The mage weakens the will of the enemy. [1b]
  • Detect Magic: Nearby Magic items that the caser can see are highlighted but not what they can do. [2b]
  • Dispel Aura: Any aura spells protecting another are destroyed. [3e]
  • Dispel Magic: Can be used on enemy spellcasters, creatures that are unstable or on the casters own spells. even Magical items may be effected. [2b]
  • Dispirit: Inflicts feelings of despair and gloom at enemies who do not resist the spell. [2b]
  • Drain Magic: All the magic is drained from a single target, knocking most spellcasters unconcious, destroying the Undead and banishing Daemons and Elementals. [2c]
  • Enchant Weapon: A sinle weapon becomes magical until the next sunrise. [3e]
  • Enfeeble: A enemy or group of enemies are weakened. [2b]
  • Entanglement: Can be cast on nearby vegatation which spreads rapidly and entangles anything nearby. [2c]
  • Enthuse: Fills the targets with enthusiasm and hope, unless they resist. [2b]
  • Fireball: A ball of magical flame is flung at an enemy. [1b][3a]
  • Flame Curse: Makes a target flammable. [2b]
  • Fleetfoot: Makes the caster or another move faster. [2b]
  • Foetid Cloud: A cloud is generated that is both poisonous and corrosive. [2c]
  • Flight: The caster can fly for a very short distance and continue to do so by expending more power. [3b]
  • Hammerhand: Transforms the wizards fists into powerful hammerlike mauls to smash their foes. [1a][3b]
  • Hold Flight: Prevents an individual or group from fleeing. [3c]
  • Ignite Missiles: When the missile is fired it ignites in mid-air. [2b]
  • Immunity from Poison: The caster or another are immune to all venoms for some time. [3b]
  • Leg Breaking: A target, unless it resists the spell, has a leg broken with a sickening crunch. [2b]
  • Lightning Bolt: Allows the caster to throw bolts of lightning at their enemies. [3c]
  • Luck: A minor boost to a targets luck. [2b]
  • Magical Might: Enhances the casters physical prowess. [2b]
  • Magic Bridge: A solid bridge is created by the caster which lasts until dispelled or the next morning. [3e]
  • Mental Duel: Begins a direct battle of mental powrrs against another spellcaster - it has no effect on a non-spellcaster. [2b]
  • Mystic Mist: An area of mist some 12 yards in diamter is formed. [3c]
  • Oaken Shield: A mighty spectral oak protects the wizard and their allies. [1b]
  • Pillar of Fire: A towering column of fire is conjured which advances on the enemy. [1b]
  • Pit of Despair: A single enemy sinks three feet down into the ground but it does not work inside buildings with wood or stone floors. [2b]
  • Rally: restores the morale of a creature or group nearby but has no effect on animals or the Undead. [2b]
  • Raze: A powerful blow is struck agains an inanimate object but has no effect on creatures, the Undead or plants. [2b]
  • Reproof of Cowardice: Makes a target or group drop their shields unless they resist the spell. [2b]
  • Reverse Spell: A spellcaster can attempt to turn an incoming spell against the original caster. [2c]
  • Sense of the Green: The caster has an unerring sense of direction and is able to interact with creatures more easily.[2b]
  • Sharpen Weapon: A single non-magical weapon becomes briefly magical and extremely sharp. [2b]
  • Slippery Ground: Turns a area of ground extremely hard to move across. [2b]
  • Slowfoot: Reduces the ability of a target to move and also dispels Fleetfoot if it had been case on them. [2b]
  • Smash: Causes damage to inanimate surface or object. [3c]
  • Stampede: A group of herd animals or mounted creatures must resist the spell or flee. Undead and Daemons are uneffected. [2b]
  • Stand Still: A group who fails to resist the spell are unable do anything for few moments. [3f]
  • Steal Magical Power: A spellcaster has magic drained from them unless they resist the spell, it has no effect on non-spellcasters. [2b]
Steal Mind
  • Steal Mind: A single nearby person who does not resist the spell is briefly rendered into a drooling, mindless creature. [3b]
  • Strength of Combat: The caster becomes a little more physically powerful. [3b]
Strength of Mind
  • Strength of Mind: The caster boost the power of their mind, their natural charisma or leadership. [3f]
  • Stunning Conclusion: An enemies mind is blasted by magical enemy through the telling of a story. The deaf and very large creatures, or those that do not understand the language are immune. [2b]
  • Subvet Weapon: The weapon of an enemy attacks them if they do not resist the spell. [2b]
  • Transfer Aura: A aura on the spellcaster is moved to another individual. [3a]
  • Wall of Fire: A blazing wall fo fire, 2 yards wide, 12 yards long and ten feet high is conjured into existence. [2c]
  • Ward of Forbidding: A ritual spell that provents access through a portal or passageway. [2b]
  • Wilt Weapon: An enemies weapon is rendered useless for a sort period and may be permently damaged. It has no effect on whips or Magic Weapons. [2b]
  • Wind Blast: A gust of wind is conjured against [3b]
  • Zone of Firelessness: Any fire, magical or non-magical is snuffed out when it enters the area and even lava or molten metal will solidify but remain hot. [2b]
  • Zone of Magical Immunity: An area is created that stops any spells (except Dispel Magic) and prevents any Daemons, Elementals or Undead from entering. [2c]
  • Zone of Missile Protection: No physical missile weapons can enter the area. [2c]
  • Zone of Steadfastness: The caster and their allies within the Zone are boosted physically and are immune to any pschological effects. [3d]


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