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Magical Artefacts

Magic items are rare, extremely valuable and highly prized in the Warhammer World. [1]

The simplest artefact with magical power can fetch a high price and the artefacts of power are next to priceless. [1]


Although there are those that are heavily ornate, encrusted with jewels and carvings most are made to be used and not to draw attention. [1]


Techniques for creating binding enchantments change from item to item and even a pair of swords created by the same weaponsmith require different enchantments. This is why Dwarf Runes are regarded with such respect and curiosty in the Empire and what has also led to some wizards seeking the forbidden knowledge of rune-mastery. [1]

Its rare for a enchanter to devise a stable way to make a particular type of item and it is virtually impossible for them to communicate the exact method to another. To replicate anothers work, they must duplicate the mindset and style of the wizard whilst also following the Magical Law of Sympathy. [1]

Identifying Magic Items

An unknown magical item may be able to examined by a magically aware person and attempt to find out what its abilities are. [2a]



They are found in a variety of forms including braclets, medallion and other types of jewellery. [2a]


Magical armour is extremely valuable and rare, protecting the wearer in relation to the strength of the enchantment. [2b]


Most will shift to match the size of a wearer, although some only work for specific races. [2b]


Books of spells that can teach wizards new spells. [2c]

Jewel of Power

A self-renewing magical energy source, they come in several varities. [2c]


Magical liquids that will affect anyone who drinks it. [2d]



Inscribed with the magical ability to cast a spell without the risk of miscasting - once used the scroll turns to dust. Rarely Scrolls will have mutiple spells writen into them, each fading from the scroll when cast and the scroll only crumbling when the last has been used. [2e]




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