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High Magic is the Eight Winds of Magic combined into one powerful lore of Magic. [1a]

It combines the eight clours of magic as they swirl through the world and the antithesis of Dark Magic. [3a]


Even High Elves must spend decades learning to use High Magic. [3a]


  • Apotheosis: The target is infused with healing magic also banishing any fear they might feel. [1b][3b]
  • Arcane Unforgiving: Enemies have their armour and magical artefacts destroyed. The spell is especially deadly to undead or Daemons and even cursed or chaotic artefacts can be temporarily disabled. [1b]
  • Banishment: The colours of magic are combined to blast away Dark Magic. [3b]
  • Corporeal Unmaking: Enemies of the mage are turned to mere dust in the wind. [4a]
  • Deadlock: A Nearby magic item no longer functions. [3b]
  • Drain Magic: An aethyric vortex expels magic from the world. [1b] [3b][4a]
  • Fiery Convocation: A storm of fire manifests in the middle of the enemy line. [4a]
  • Fury of Khaine: The God of Murder is called upon to grant the mage's allies his fury. [4a]
  • Glamour of Teclis: Individuals believe themselves lost within a dense mist. [3b]
  • Hand of Glory: The caster glows with magical energy that inspires their allies. [3b]
  • Shield of Saphery: White light forms a protective barrier around the allies of the sorcerer. [4a]
  • Tempest: A mighty tempest of sleet and rain is summoned. [4a]
  • Uproot the Mountains: A hill or mountain is shaken. [1b]
  • Walk Between Worlds: The allies of the caster can move between worlds. [1b][4a]

Slann only Spells

  • Earth Line: Powerful magic surge through the geomantic leylines, damaging the casters enemy. [1c]
  • Mental Blast: A burst of mental energy is used against the foes of the caster. [1c]
  • Ruination of Cities: The Slann destroys a bridge, building or wall. [1c]



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