Annulii mountains

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The Annulii mountains are a vast range of tall peaks that seperate the Inner and Outer Kingdoms of Ulthuan. [1a]

Peaks and plateaus of the mountains reach high into the clouds and beyond, fading into the mist of raw magic which is visible even to those without the sight. The sun is never visble from the area and it exists in eternal twilight. [1a]

Flora and Fauna

Many and varied magical creatures and plants can be found here, mostly confined by the same powerful spells that draw the magic to the area. Great beasts are hunted or even taken as mounts by the High Elves. Creatures found here include Chimerae, Griffons, and Great Eagles. [1a][2a]


In 570 IC Hellgrim, a Bloodthirster attempts to retrieve one of the Burning Books of Khorne from its resting place in the mountains but is defeated by High Mage Calahdris. [4a]

End Times

At the beginning of the End Times, the clouds atop the mountains descended with wild magic in their wake, mutating the land, beasts and flora alike. [6a]

Magical Mist

Time flows strangely in this uncanny region of mist, hanging above Ulthuan and where dreams and nightmares manifest making more like the Realm of Chaos than part of the mortal world. It is formed from the magical energies drawn to the vortex from across the world, created long ago by the mages of the continent. [1a]


Annulii crystal is dug from deep beneath the mountains, altered by the Great Vortex, it draws magic to itself. [1a]


The Wardens of the Annulii Mountains have the duty to find and kill any monster that emerges from the mists. [6a]

  • Selafyn, Hawk of the Annulii, famous Warden of the Mountains. [5a]