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Emperor Karl Franz upon his Griffon mount Deathclaw.[2][3]

Griffons are strange creatures, resembling Hippogryphs in having eagle heads and wings, but differ in possessing leonine, rather then equine, bodies [3a] with powerful talons. [7a]

Their name in the Elf language translates as savage perfection [6a] whilst in the Empire they are seen as a living embodiment of everything the Empire stands for. [8a]


Griffons have the bodies of lions alongside the heads, wings and talons of immense birds of prey.[9c] They can grow to be two or three times the size of a horse. [3a] Some have spotted or striped skins, while others are pitch black and some have golden pelts like mountain lions. [7a]

Ecology and Habitat

Griffons are efficient and precise hunters, neither merciful nor cruel. In contrast to monsters such as Manticores, they do not kill prey or foes with excesses of savagery or frenetic fury. Instead, they fight with controlled, measured motions and savage grace. They do not kill indiscriminately, but do not hesitate to kill creatures that they consider foes or threats. Hunting griffons stalk their prey for long periods of time, sometimes several days, while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When diving for a kill, they emit a distinctive shriek.[6a] Griffons prefer freshly killed meat, but will scavenge at need.[9a]

Griffons have an intense enmity with Hippogriffs. Members of the two species will typically battle to the death when they encounter one another.[9b]

Some scholars believe that Griffons originated as Chaos mutants due to their chimeric nature, but have since become stable and integrated into natural environments. This view is deeply unpopular in common circles.[9a]

Griffons nest and hunt mainly in mountainous areas. In the Old World, Griffons inhabit the World's Edge Mountains, while avoiding the Grey Mountains where Hippogriffs predominate.[9b] In Ulthuan, they are found in the Annulii Mountains and in the rocky areas of Chrace. [3a]

In Culture

Griffons are creatures of great cultural importance to the Empire, where it is viewed as a sacred creature. A jade icon in the shape of a Griffon is worn by the High Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar. The Griffon Standard of the Empire is stored within the Cathedral of Sigmar as well.[9a]

As Mounts

Adventurers brave the dangers of the World's Edge Mountains to seek out their nests and steal chicks that can be raised in captivity. [7a] Griffons never become entirely tame, however, regardless of how many years they've spent under domestication.[9c]

They are at times ridden into battle by the high-ranking officers of the the Empire, prized for their sharp claws and powerful beaks (the latter consistently rivaling Greatswords' blades in power), excellent reactions and high overall resilience. Most surprising, however, is the way they can easily bypass enemy parries while staying out of reach themselves, something only the most skillful warriors can achieve after decades of training.[1]

In Chrace, High Elf hunters have become especially skilled at rearing and training hatchlings as many Griffons can be found in the high mountains above their lands. [4a] They know that such creatures are seldom given to cruelty, unless those they regard as kin are threatened. [5a]


  • Deathwing: The most famous Griffon of the Empire is Deathclaw, the personal mount of Emperor Karl Franz. Although it sometimes flies free above the city - it returns to its cage in the Imperial Zoo at nightfall. [1][7a]
  • Knights of the Griffon Riders fight duels - often to the death for the honour of raising, training and riding Griffons. [8a]
  • Stormwing: The War Griffon of Eltharion the Grim. [10a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: May have Bloodroar, Lash Tail, Razorbeak, Shrike Talons, Swiftsense. [6a]




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