Battle Magic (2nd Edition)

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Warhammer Book 2: Magic
Rulebook 2 Vol 2 Battle Magic 001.jpg
Author(s) Ricard Halliwell, Bryan Ansell, Rick Priestley
Cover Artist Tony Ackland, John Blanche
Illustrator(s) Tony Ackland, David Andrews, John Blanche
Preceded by Warhammer 1st Edition - Volume 2: Magic
Followed by Warhammer Battle Magic

Warhammer Book 2: Magic is a rule book for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (2nd Edition). It was released in a boxed set with Warhammer Book 1 Combat and Warhammer Book 3: Battle Bestiary.


  • Wizards, pg. 6
  • Special Wizards, pg. 9
  • Spells, pg. 11
  • Spell Index, pg. 24
  • Magical Weapons, pg. 26
  • Runes, pg. 29
  • Magical Artefacts, pg. 31

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