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Bull Centaur Render[4]

These vicious cannibals are an unholy fusion of Chaos Dwarf and giant, rampaging bull. [2a]


They have the upper torso of a Chaos Dwarf but with long snaggly tusks and exoitc beard with the body of bull. [2a]


Their origin can be found in the Time of Chaos when a few dwarfs found even their mighty constitutions and resistance to magic overwhelmed, leading to this horrific mutation. Now each generation a few of these 'blessed' dwarfs are born to the Dawi Zharr- usually at the expense of the mother's life. [1a]

They are taken at birth and raised by the Sorcerers who use their dark arts to further tamper with them, fusing into armour and contraptions of daemon-empowered and enfused metal. This tampering means that over time a Bull Centaur's flesh will harden and take on a consistency of living metal, leaving the Centaur requiring poultices of molten mercury, steel sutures, brazen splints etc. to heal. Naturally only their Sorceror masters can offer this. [1a]


The Bull Centaurs, though few in number, serve as temple guardians [2a] and vicious shock-troops in times of war. They require no payment for their duties as they are utterly devout to their Father in Darkness and a large number of the slave-sacrifices sent to Hashut's temples will in fact be tithed to the Bull Centaurs, who indulge their ferocious flesh-hunger in an orgy of violence. They prefer their meat to be alive and screaming. [1a]

The sorcerers who rule the Chaos Dwarfs trust the Bull Centaur for although they are intelligent and ferocious and some are mighty warriors, none of their kind are magic users. [2b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Double Handed Axe, Light Armour, Shield, May carry a Magic Standard. [2c]
  • 6th Edition: Great Axe, Hand weapon, Light Armour, Shield, May swap Great Axe for Additional Hand Weapon, May have Heavy Armour. May have Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer. May have Magic Standard [3a]
  • 8th Edition: Render: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Shield, Spear. May have Ba'hal, Musician and Standard Bearer. May have Magic Standard. [1b]




The flow of slaves to the Dark Lands of the Chaos Dwarfs feeds two great needs: the sprawling mine pits and the bloody hunger of the Bell Centaurs. Only by force of arms do we stop these plagues from draining our kingdoms dry.

~ Gerlach Wurnst, Captain of Arms in the Border Prncedoms.[4]


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