Monstrous Arcanum

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Monstrous Arcanum
Monstrous Arcanum cover.JPG
Author(s) Alan Bligh, Neil Wylie & Talima Fox
Editor(s) Talima Fox
Illustrator(s) Sam Lamont & Rhys Pugh
Released 2012
Pages 112
ISBN 978 - 1 - 907964-91-6

Monstrous Arcanum is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.[1]



Welcome one and all to Monstrous Arcanum - the first book in a new series from Warhammer Forge. As its name suggests this book will deal with a veritable carnival of monsters, both arcane and bloodthirsty, all of which are intended to sow terror across the Warhammer world and take to the battlefield at your command.

~ Alan Bligh.[1]