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This is a list of all characters that are Gors


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Brrak Gorehorn Beastmen Beastlord Gor Beastlord of the Great Forest warned by his Bray Shaman's of a threat to the Six Spikes.
Gorthor Beastmen Beastlord Gor There have been many Beast lords who have united tribes into mighty invasions, but Gorthor was the greatest of his kind, for he possessed what so many others lacked: he had vision and the sheer animalistic will to sear it into the minds his followers.
Kartok Great-horn Beastmen Beastlord Gor He defeated an army under Elector Count Faulk of Middenland when they invaded the Drakwald Forest.
Khazrak Beastmen Beastlord Gor Khazrak has plagued the Drakwald region for years, descending without warning and then slipping away into the shadows once more.
Malagor Beastmen Malagor Gor The Beastmen believe that Malagor is the doom of Mankind personified.
Morghur Beastmen Morghur Gor Known in older lore as the "Shadowgave"; by the dwarfs as the "Gor-Dum"; and by his oldest foes, the Wood Elves, as "Cyanathair the Corruptor", is a horrifically mutated creature, only vaguely resembling a caprine gor.
Rurkhar Festigor Beastmen Morghur Gor The Plaguebeast of Nurgle is a Beastmen Champion of Chaos..

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