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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Kislev faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Boris Ursus Kislev Boris Ursus Human Described as the greatest Tzar of Kislev , he was a fearsome and honourable leader, often striding into battle atop his mighty bear, Urskin (bear-brother).
Gospodar IV Kislev Tzar Human The Tzar of Kislev who is famed for his creation of the Gryphon Legion.
Igor the Terrible Kislev Tzar Human He led a brutal, bloody regime which has now become a folktale amongst the Kislevites.
Katarin the Ice Queen Kislev Tzarina Human Tzarina of Kislev and titled the Ice Queen due to her aloof majesty and inscrutable nature as well as her mastery of Ice Magic.
Miska the Slaughterer Kislev Tzarina Human Khan-Queen who led the Gospodars across the High Pass of the Worlds Edge Mountains into the Old World, conquering the native tribes of Ungols.
Shoika Kislev Tzarina Human The first Gospodar ruler of Kislev. She set about the building of Kislev City and took the title Tzarina to represent her new reign over the lands north of the Urskoy.
Vladimir Bokha Kislev Tzar Human The father of Boris Ursus who died fighting Orcs and Goblins having done little to recover Kislev from the Great War Against Chaos.
Katrina Volkova Kislev Fencing Tutor Human The daughter of the Kislev Ambassador to Remas, she is a deadly blade and now tutors fine ladies of Altdorf in the same art.

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