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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Dark Elves faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Bracchus Dark Elves Dragon Dragon Dragon owned by Rakarth.
Mauldekorr Dark Elves Sea Dragon Dragon He was a an ally of the Dark Elves and was possessed of an unending hatred of all Dwarfs. He destroyed and ate the ship carrying the King and heir of the Dwarf stronghold of Barak Varr.
Seraphon Dark Elves Black Dragon Dragon Mount of Malekith.
Sulekh Dark Elves Black Dragon Dragon She was said to be "the greatest of the black dragons" and described by prince Finudel of Ellyrion as "the largest dragon I have ever seen.
Alandrian Dark Elves Noble Elf Malekith's lieutenant in the wars of conquest during the reign of Bel-Shanaar, father of Hellebron.
Alexandra Dark Elves Sorceress Elf She was part of General Dorian Silverblades army that attempted to capture the Everqueen
Amara Dark Elves Dark Elf Assassin Elf A spy and assassin in service to Malekith during the Witch King's invasion of Ulthuan.
Anethra Helbane Dark Elves Sorceress Elf Ancient Sorceress and ally of Morathi, she created the Black Ark, Temple of Spite
Caldath Dark Elves Dark Elf Assassin Elf Master of the Poison Blade, a Master Assassin from Karond Kar.
Cassandra Dark Elves Sorceress Elf She was part of General Dorian Silverblades army that attempted to capture the Everqueen
Dijin Katal Dark Elves Dark Elf Assassin Elf A renegade Dark Elf Khainite Assassin currently in Lustria
Dorian Silverblade Dark Elves Dreadlord Elf Keeper of the Iron Key, Lord High Marshall of the Realm of Naggaroth, Lord of Halustur, Master of the army of the north.
Duriath Helbane Dark Elves Black Ark Fleetmaster Elf Commander of the Black Ark, Temple of Spite
Felicion Heartkeeper Dark Elves Sorceress Elf Sorceress and sister of the infamous assassin, Shadowblade.
Furion Dark Elves Sorcerer Elf Sorcerer and author from Clar Karond.
Gloreir Dark Elves Dark Elf Assassin Elf In 2307 IC he led a team to kill the Phoenix King Finubar.
Hellebron Dark Elves Hellebron Elf The second-oldest of the Hag Queens and the the ruler of Har Ganeth.
Hotek Dark Elves Priest Elf Former High Elf Priest of Vaul who served Malekith.
Kharlissa Dark Elves Sorceress Elf Sorceress and once the most trusted and loved of the followers of Morathi.
Khelthrai Dark Elves Executioner Elf Centuries old killer in service to the Helbane family.
Kouran Dark Elves Kouran Elf Captain of the Black Guard of Naggaroth.
Laithikir Fellheart Dark Elves Black Ark Fleetmaster Elf A cunning fleetmaster who plundered the Far East
Lokhir Fellheart Dark Elves Lokhir Fellheart Elf The Krakenlord is a Dark Elf Corsair of noble birth who comes from a long line of raiders and naval generals.
Malekith Dark Elves Malekith Elf The son of the legendary Aenarion and his second wife Morathi, he is the undisputed lord and master of the Dark Elves.
Malida Dark Elves Hag Queen Elf One of the youngest of the Hag Queens, she ruled the cult in Karond Kar
Malus Darkblade Dark Elves Malus Darkblade Elf Infamous Dark Elf adventurer.
Maranith Dark Elves Dreadlord Elf Dreadlord and rider of the Dragon Wrath.
Mengil Manhide Dark Elves Mengil Manhide Elf A dangerous Dark Elf noble and Mercenary.
Morathi Dark Elves Morathi Elf She is the first and greatest Hag Queen of the Witch Elves, the mother of Malekith.
Mortharor Dark Elves Black Ark Fleetmaster Elf Captain of the Black Ark Harbinger of Pain.
Rakarth Dark Elves Beastmaster Elf The most accomplished Beastmaster in Naggaroth.
Ruerl Dark Elves Dreadlord Elf A lord of Har Ganeth who wiped out a rebel slave army in the Blackspine Mountains.
Shadowblade Dark Elves Dark Elf Assassin Elf A young Assassin who has already achieved a legendary reputation.
Tullaris Dark Elves Tullaris Elf The captain of the Executioners and is one of the most skilled warriors in Naggaroth.
Urathion Dark Elves Sorcerer Elf Follower of Malekith during the Sundering.
Urian Poisonblade Dark Elves Urian Poisonblade Elf Personal champion of Malekith during the latter's invasion of Ulthuan.
Yeurl Dark Elves Dreadlord Elf Cold One Knight and Dreadlord of Clar Karond.
Akholrak Dark Elves War Hydra Hydra The first and most powerful of the War Hydras broken to the service of Malekith.

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