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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Tilea faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Alexandra Giliani Tilea Doctor Human A Tilean medical prodigy, and considered by some to be Shallya reborn.
Armanda de Pantaleon Tilea Trader Human She introduced paper money to the western nations of the Old World.
Antonia Marsillach Tilea Dancer Human Dancer and actress who entered the house of Udolpho.
Giovanni Gottio Tilea Artist Human A renowned Tilean artist who was commissioned by the lady Khemalla.
Giovanni Lanfranchi Tilea Prince Human He landed his crusading army by mistake in Nehekhara and would later establish the order of Myrmidian Vampire hunters the Priory of the Spear.
Giuseppi Tollucci Tilea Adventurer Human He left Miragliano after an ill-advised affair with the daughter of a prominent figure in the underworld.
Leonardo of Miragliano Tilea Engineer Human Famed genius and pioneering Tilean inventor and engineer who founded the College of Engineers.
Lorenzo Lupo Tilea Lorenzo Lupo Human The ruler of the Tilean city-state of Luccini and a descendant of that city's ancient founders.
Lucrezzia Belladonna Tilea Lucrezzia Belladonna Human The most beautiful woman in all of Tilea, and some say even the whole of the Old World.
Melmoth Udolpho Tilea Sorcerer Human Tilean Sorcerer whose strange house lies near Miragliano.
Nicholas DeGrutti Tilea Scholar Human Scholar of natural physic.
Orsini Sardus Tilea Wizard Human Wizard that serves the city of Vedenza.
Thaliaro Tilea Assassin Human A high ranking member of of the Black Assassin's Guild in Miragliano.
Ysidro d'Amato Tilea Assassin Human Water merchant from Miragliano.

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