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This is a list of all characters that are Goblins


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Oglah Khan Dogs of War Mercenary Leader Hobgoblin Leader of the Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz mercenary band.
Brak Batwing Orcs & Goblins Goblin Shaman Night Goblin Deranged and addicted to mushrooms, Brak Batwing was nonetheless a mighty shaman who wielded arcane power to deadly effect.
Cruzzik Cacklespit Orcs & Goblins Night Goblin Shaman Night Goblin A Night Goblin Shaman Lord of the Madcraw Clan.
Grom the Paunch Orcs & Goblins Grom the Paunch Goblin Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain, often referred to as Grom the Fat, was the most powerful Goblin Warboss to have ever lived.
Grulsik Moonclaw Orcs & Goblins Goblin Warboss Night Goblin A loud and boisterous leader of the Moonclaw Tribe, he was ambitious, cut-throat, aggressive – and quick to flee should he suddenly find himself losing.
Masked Chieftain Orcs & Goblins Goblin Warboss Goblin He led the Poisoned Feather tribe to war on the back of Grib.
Skarsnik Orcs & Goblins Skarsnik Night Goblin Warlord Skarsnik, King of the Eight Peaks, the King under the Mountain, is the chieftain of the Crooked Moon Tribe and the most powerful Night Goblin Warlord in the whole of the southern Worlds Edge Mountains.
Snagla Grobspit Orcs & Goblins Goblin Warboss Goblin He and his mob of spider riders, the Deff Creepers, were at the forefront of every greenskin victory.
Vish Venombarb Orcs & Goblins Goblin Warboss Goblin Forest Goblin Chief of the Cluster Eye Tribe.

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