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This is a list of all characters belonging to the The Empire faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Imperial Dragon The Empire Karl Franz's Mount Dragon A Dragon that was found as a egg and raised in the Imperial Zoo. Only Karl Franz can ride it.
Adora The Empire Former Slave Human She managed to survive as a pet-slave of the Skaven, finally arranging a rebellion and the death of all of her captors.
Axelbrand The Empire Archlector Human Archlector of Taal during the Vampire Wars against Mannfred von Carstein
Theodore Bruckner The Empire Judicial Champion Human The Elector Countess of Nuln's headsman and personal and judicial champion, also known as the Hound of Judgment and the Titan Headsman
Dieter IV The Empire Emperor Human Last Emperor of the von Krieglitz family to rule the Empire, he was a corrupt, ineffective, and incompetent ruler.
Elspeth von Draken The Empire Elspeth von Draken Human Magisterix of the Amethyst Order, also known as the Dark Lady of Nuln and the Graveyard Rose.
Salundra von Drakenburg The Empire Soldier Human Daughter of Duke Konstantin von Drakenburg, she has spent much of her young life in the military.
Erina Eberhauer The Empire Wizard Human A young Wizard of the city of Middenheim
Janna Eberhauer The Empire Wizard Lord Human Deputy High Wizard of the city of Middenheim, a friendly and personable woman, she is not what many expect of a mage.
Eldred The Empire Elector Count Human The last Elector Count of Solland. He was slain by Gorbad Ironclaw around 1707 IC.
Emmanuelle Nacht The Empire Imperial Herald Human Diplomat of the Empire and Imperial Herald in Ubersreik
Karl Franz The Empire Karl Franz Human Grand Prince of Reikland, Prince of Altdorf, and Count of the West March is the current Emperor of The Empire and Elector Count of Reikland.
Alun Gartner The Empire Translator Human A translator, known to understand ancient Nehekharan.
Theoderic Gausser The Empire Elector Count Human Grand Baron of Nordland, Prince of Salzenmund, Lord of Laurelorn and Duke of Marienburg, and Terror of the Norscans
Balthasar Gelt The Empire Balthasar Gelt Human Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic during the End Times.
Hedrich The Empire Emperor Human He ruled The Empire between 51 and 100 IC and received the runefangs from Alaric the Mad.
Albrecht Helsher The Empire Wizard Lord Human High Wizard of Middenheim and Lord-Magister of the Gold Order.
Haqiqah Al-Hikmah The Empire Wizard Lord Human A Lord-Magister of the Gold Order, he was born in Araby and was a scholar, physcian and herbalist of some skill before his powers and affinity to Chamon were revelaed to him
Thyrus Gormann The Empire Supreme Patriarch Human A Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic
Tobias Helmgart The Empire Author Human Author, diplomat and advisor to the Elector Count of Wissenland, he published Blood on the Reik in 2515 IC.
Luthor Huss The Empire Warrior Priest Human The Prophet of Sigmar, a mighty Warrior Priest of Sigmar, instrumental in the discovery of Valten.
Felix Jaeger The Empire Felix Jaeger Human A poet and the human companion of Gotrek Gurnisson.
Kaslain The Empire Grand Theogonist Human The Grand Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar during the End Times.
Vesper Klasst The Empire Racketeer Human The most powerful gang boss and racketeer in the city of Altdorf.
Werner von Kriegstadt The Empire Grand Master Human Grand Master of the Knights Panther who led a charge of Knights Panther against the forces of Waagh! Azhag during the Battle of Osterwald and slew Azhag the Slaughterer.
Emmanuelle von Liebwitz The Empire Elector Count Human Elector Countess of Wissenland, Duchess of Meissen, Lady Mayoress and Chancellor of the University of Nuln
Hans Leitdorf The Empire Grand Master Human Grand Master of the Knights of Sigmar's Blood.
Clarissa Lohft The Empire Archaeologist Human She sought the riches within the Tomb of Queen Rasut
Haf Lorenentz The Empire Soldier Human He is spoken of in childrens tales and in particular the play The Adventures of a Dumpy Drummer
Aldebrand Ludenhof The Empire Elector Count Human Elector Count of Hochland, Grand Baron of Hochland, Marshal of the Talabec Reach, Defender of the Shrines, and Baron of Hergig.
Magnus the Pious The Empire Emperor Human Magnus von Bildhofen, commonly called Magnus the Pious, was one of the greatest leaders and heroes of The Empire. He was elected Emperor in 2304 and ruled until his death in 2369 IC.
Ottilia I The Empire Empress Human Grand Duchess of Talabecland and a Elector Countess who declared herself Empress in 1360 I, beginning the line of Ottilian Emperors
Valmir von Raukov The Empire Elector Count Human Grand Prince of Ostland, Margrave of the Northern March, and Hammer of the East is the current Elector Count of Ostland.
Ludwig Schwarzhelm The Empire Ludwig Schwarzhelm Human The Emperor's Champion or the Emperor's Sword of Justice is the personal bodyguard of Karl Franz
Detlef Sierck The Empire Playwright Human Arguably the greatest actor, producer and playwright of The Empire, Detlef Sierck is also the lover and companion of the vampire Genevieve Dieudonné.
Sigismund II The Empire Emperor Human Sigismund the Conqueror reigned as Emperor 479 IC to 505 IC, his most notable campaigns included the conquest and subjugation of the lands of the Jutonsryk, the Kingdom of the Jutones, integrating their tribal territory into the Empire and renaming it the Barony of Westerland.
Mandred Skavenslayer The Empire Emperor Human The Count of Middenheim, who led the forces of the Empire to victory against the Skaven, defeating them at the Battle of the Howling Hills in 1124 IC. He was later elected as Emperor.
Frederick von Tarnus The Empire Wizard Lord Human A skilled and powerful warrior wizard who became the first Patriarch of the Bright Order.
Vorn Thugenheim The Empire Teutogen Guard Human Bearer of the standard of Middenheim, Vorn is a respected warrior who has been given the honour of being chosen to enter the Teutogen Guard for his service within the Knights of the White Wolf.
Boris Todbringer The Empire Elector Count Human Graf of Middenheim, Grand Duke of Middenland, Prince of Carroburg, Protector of the Drakwald, Warden of the Middle Mountains, and Beloved of Ulric.
Emil Valgeir The Empire Elector Count Human High Priest of Ulric and one of the Electors of The Empire during the Storm of Chaos.
Blucher von Vincke The Empire General Human Grandmarshall of the Grand Armies of Altdorf for twenty years.
Rein Volkhard The Empire Grand Master Human Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf before the End Times.
Volkmar The Empire Grand Theogonist Human Volkmar von Hindenstern, known more famously as Volkmar the Grim was the Grand Theogonist of the Church of Sigmar.
Axel Weissberg The Empire Grand Master Human Grand Master of the Knights of the White Wolf during the End Times.
Helmut Weisser The Empire Marshall Human Marshall of the cavalry for Ottilia I at the Battle of the Talabec.
Wilhelm the Wise The Empire Emperor Human Prince of Altdorf and Elector Count of the Reikland, he was the first of the Emperors of the Holswig-Schliestein family which rules The Empire to this day.
Wilhelm III The Empire Grand Theogonist Human Grand Theogonist during the time of the First Vampire War, who was instrumental in the destruction of Vlad von Carstein.
Genevieve Dieudonné The Empire Vampire Lord Vampire A vampire of the Lahmian bloodline, she is considered a heroine of the Empire and became the lover, companion and later wife of the actor, poet and playwright Detlef Sierck
Helena von Culper The Empire Vampire Countess Vampire Baroness and Master of the Komission of the Imperial Archives

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