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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Dwarfs faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Alaric the Mad Dwarfs Runelord Dwarf Famous for creating some of the most powerful artifacts in the world.
Alrik Ranulfsson Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf The Dwarf King of Karak Hirn.
Anarbarziz Dwarfs Dwarf Noble Dwarf Nephew to the Dwarf King of Karak Vlag when it was attacked by the Daemons of Slaanesh.
Baragor Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf The first Slayer King of Karak Kadrin.
Behram Gundarson Dwarfs Slayer Dwarf A former Ironbreaker now a Slayer, unusally he retains his armour as he feels there is no glory in being overwhelmed by lesser foes.
Belegar Ironhammer Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf Leader of the Angrund clan and the direct descendant of King Lunn, the last Dwarf to rule Karak Eight Peaks before its fall.
Belgrina Fargunsdotr Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf The only female ruler of the Dwarf Hold once known as Kazak Izril.
Borri Silverfoot Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf Lord of the Silver Pinnacle, the last King of Karaz Bryn.
Bowli Griefwing Dwarfs Dwarf Lord Dwarf A powerful lord and adventurer from Karak Kadrin.
Bragi Axebiter Dwarfs Slayer Dwarf Dwarf Slayer from Karaz-a-Karak.
Brok Stonefist Dwarfs Dwarf Lord Dwarf The Lord of the Tunnels was a famous leader from Karak Azgul during the War of the Beard.
Brokk Gunnarsson Dwarfs Dwarf Master Engineer Dwarf Renowned ship builder of Barak Varr
Burlok Damminson Dwarfs Guildmaster Dwarf Guildmaster of the Dwarven Engineers Guild.
Byrrnoth Grundadrakk Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf The King of the Dwarf port-stronghold of Barak Varr.
Crazed Khargrim Dwarfs Daemon Slayer Dwarf insane Dwarf Daemon Slayer who fought during the legendary War of Vengeance.
Drong Dwarfs Drong Dwarf King of Kazad Thrund and a descendant of Thrund the Angry.
Dumwin Stoutbelly‎ Dwarfs Dwarf Chieftain Dwarf The last commander of the fortress of Caraz-Lumbar.
Ethgrim Paingrinder‎ Dwarfs Dwarf Lord Dwarf A powerful lord and adventurer from Karak Kadrin.
Finn Sourscowl‎ Dwarfs High King Dwarf High King.
Garagrim Ironfist Dwarfs Slayer Dwarf The son of Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King of Karak Kadrin.
Gotrek Gurnisson Dwarfs Gotrek Gurnisson Dwarf Legendary Slayer originally from Karaz-a-Karak.
Gotrek Starbreaker Dwarfs High King Dwarf High King and former ruler of Karaz Ankor during the time known as the War of the Beard.
Grombrindal Dwarfs High King Dwarf A legendary Dwarf, known in Khazalid, as Grombrindal - The White - Bearded Ancestor.
Gunnar Hrolfsson Dwarfs Slayer Dwarf A former jewelsmith from Karak Angaraz whose loss of his children set him on the path of the Slayer.
Gunnar Torkilsson Dwarfs Dwarf Master Engineer Dwarf Dwarf Master Engineer from Karaz-a-Karak.
Helgar Longplaits Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf Dwarf Queen of Krag Bryn and a descendant of Bronn the Bold.
Josef Bugman Dwarfs Josef Bugman Dwarf Legendary Master Brewer.
Kazador Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf Dwarf King of Karak Azul.
Keela Dwarfs Dwarf Engineer Dwarf Dwarf Engineer from Karaz-a-Karak.
Kurgan Ironbeard Dwarfs Dwarf King Dwarf High King of the Dwarfs and ruler of Karaz-a-Karak. In IC -15, the King was captured by a party of marauding Greenskins and rescued by the young prince Sigmar who he gifted with Ghal Maraz in thanks.
Lunn Yorrisson Dwarfs Dwarf Engineer Dwarf Guild Liason to the Imperial School of Engineers in Altdorf.
Malakai Makaisson Dwarfs Malakai Makaisson Dwarf Former master engineer of the dwarfen Engineer's Guild, unusually after he became a Slayer he continued inventing.
Olif Thumpcrush‎ Dwarfs Dwarf Lord Dwarf A powerful lord and adventurer from Karak Kadrin.
Snorri Nosebiter Dwarfs Slayer Dwarf A Dwarfen Slayer and adventuring companion of Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger.
Snorri Thungrimsson Dwarfs Dwarf Lord Dwarf Dwarf emissary of the High King to the Conclave of Light.
Sven Hasselfriesian Dwarfs Dwarf Engineer Dwarf A Dwarf who emigrated to Lustria after being expelled from the Engineers Guild.
Thorek Ironbrow Dwarfs Runelord Dwarf Master Runelord of Karak Azul, he is fiercely irate and a living terror to his apprentices in the weapons shops of Karak Azul, where he has ruled for centuries on end.
Thorgrim Grudgebearer Dwarfs Thorgrim Grudgebearer Dwarf High King of the Dwarfs and the ruler of Karaz­-a-Karak, the very blood of Grungni flows in his veins and the wisdom of Valaya sits upon his beetling brow.
Ungrim Ironfist Dwarfs Ungrim Ironfist Dwarf Slayer King of Karak Kadrin.

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