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This is a list of all characters that are Skeletons


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Richter Kreugar Dogs of War Mercenary Leader Skeleton Rumoured leader of The Cursed Company Mercenary Band.
Amenemhetum Tomb Kings Tomb King Skeleton He ruled Zandri, in Nehekhara and was responsible for the creation of a great fleet of ships, it is said that he still roams the seas with his fleet, content to fight pirates who attempt to raid his homeland..
Khalida Neferher Tomb Kings Khalida Skeleton The beloved of Asaph, Warrior-Queen of Lybaras was a well-loved and respected figure across Nehekhara.
Phar Tomb Kings Tomb King Skeleton the leader of the city Mahrak in the land of Nehekhara, in the time of the first coming of Settra and in undeath Phar was one of the first to rise. Such was his rage that his people had bowed down to Khemri, that he broke into the tombs of the other rulers of Mahrak and destroyed their bodies, burning them all.
Sehenesmet Tomb Kings Tomb King Skeleton In life the Vizier of the tomb city Quatar in Nehekhara, it is now rumoured that he has put himself into a giant construct to gain extra strength so that he may build grander projects for the glory of Nehekhara.
Settra Tomb Kings Settra Skeleton Settra the Imperishable was the great Tomb King of Khemri and ruler of all Nehekhara.
Tutankhanut Tomb Kings Settra Skeleton he only son of King Ahken of Numas and was famed throughout Nehekhara for his good looks. Now, when he rises wearing his golden body armour and ritual death mask, his followers believe him to be blessed by the gods.
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