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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Daemons of Chaos faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Daemons of Chaos Herald of Khorne Bloodletter The greatest of all Khorne's Bloodletters.
Skarbrand Daemons of Chaos Bloodthirster Bloodthirster Known also as the Exiled One, Wrathful Reaper, and Drinker of Blood, was once the greatest of all Khorne's Daemons
Masque of Slaanesh Daemons of Chaos Herald of Slaanesh Daemonette Once one of the most favoured of Slaanesh's daemons after a perceived slight she was cursed to dance eternally.
Urlfdaemonkin Daemons of Chaos Daemon Prince Daemon Prince Formerly known as Urlf in his days of mortality, is a mighty Daemon Prince of Khorne and former chieftain of the bloodthirsty Snaegr tribe of southern Norsca.
Karanak Daemons of Chaos Hound of Vengeance Flesh Hound The three-headed hound that is Khorne's personal hunter and the greatest of all Flesh Hounds.
Ku'gath Plaguefather Daemons of Chaos Great Unclean One Great Unclean One Nurgle's mightiest Great Unclean One, empowered by the deadliest plague ever created.
Changeling Daemons of Chaos Herald of Tzeentch Blue Horror of Tzeentch Known as the Perplexing Prankster, the Deceiving Horror, or even Tzeentch's Trickster, was the greatest of the Horrors of Tzeentch.
Kuhl'tyran Daemons of Chaos Skulltaker's Mount Juggernaut The mount of the Skulltaker.
Amin'Hrith Daemons of Chaos Keeper of Secrets Keeper of Secrets The Soulflayer, named that way after it slew a hundred Wood Elves in the Battle of Winter Grove.
Kairos Fateweaver Daemons of Chaos Kairos Fateweaver Lord of Change The Oracle of Tzeentch, the Keeper of the Destiny Scrolls, the Mocking Watcher, is perhaps the most powerful Lord of Change.
Epidemius Daemons of Chaos Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearer One of the seven Proctors of Pestilence and and the chosen Tallyman of Nurgle, whose work is to record all the diseases of father Nurgle.

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