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This is a list of all characters unaligned with any faction. For a list of all units see: List of Characters of the Warhammer World‎‎.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Draugnir Unaligned Dragon Dragon One of the known Father of Dragons.
Kalgalanos the Black Unaligned Ancestor Dragon Dragon Legendary father of all Dragons.
Malathrax Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Mighty. Slain by Markus Wulfhart.
Malgrimace Unaligned Dragon Dragon Whose claw is now used by Bretonnians as a talisman.
Malicuer Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Firewyrm known as the destroyer of the Fortress of Leucreal.
Malifex Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Duke Beligulf Fearnought
Mascar Unaligned Dragon Dragon The Great. Slain by Emperor Hündrod the Furious
Mergaste Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by King Guillaume.
Omdra the Dread Unaligned Nightmare Dragon Dragon A ancient Nightmare Dragon that haunts the Plain of Bone and is an enemy of the Chaos Dwarfs.
Ostermark Ice Dragon Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Markus Wolfhart.
Smearghus Unaligned Dragon Dragon Slain by Gilles le Breton.
Ymirdrak Unaligned Frost Dragon Dragon A dragon in the Mountains of Mourn that froze an entire tribe of Ogres and devoured them at its leisure.
Grum Unaligned Giant Giant A giant in the Mountains of Mourn with a fondness for Rockjumper (goat) meat.
Aloysis Unaligned King Human The King of the Cherusen tribe during the time of Sigmar.
Marbad Unaligned King Human The King of the Endals tribe prior to to the formation of the Empire.
Marianna Chevaux Unaligned Assassin Vampire A thief and assassin who was transformed into a vampire by Serutat, one of Neferata's Lahmian Sisterhood.

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