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Warmaster is a Tabletop game, located in the Warhammer World. It is played at the 10mm scale (versus the 28mm scale of the Fantasy Battle system), and is the Fantasy counterpart to Warhammer 40K's Epic systems.

Warmaster core book

Warmaster was created by Rick Priestley, and published first March 2000. The core rulebook "Warmaster" was published as a hardcover; there was no boxed game. All miniatures for Warmaster are made of metal. Inside the core rulebook are general game rules and the following army lists:

Games Workshop published miniatures for all army lists until July 2000, due to declining popularity.

Warmaster at Specialist Games

After the publication of the last miniatures of the army ranges published in the book, the game was handed over to Fanatic Games - a branch of Games Workshop that was later called Specialist Games.

Warmaster Annual 2002

Rules for siege equipment and several new armies were published:

Also a magazine was published - called Warmaster Magazine or "Warmag" - which contained all the rules for those new armies, special scenarios, rules for Siege warfare and Ships and house rules for converted armies like

Some of those rules - official as well as house rules - were re-published in a book called Warmaster Annual.

Later Specialist Games was re-integrated into the Games Workshop main company and they stopped the publication of the Fanatic Magazine. Nearly the complete content of those magazines re-appeared on the Specialist Games Homepage as PDF files, to download for free as well as new material.