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A regiment of Bloodletter models from 6th edition. [2]

Bloodletters are lesser daemons of Khorne, less commonly known as Khorne's Chosen, Teeth of Death, Naked Slayers, Takers of Skulls, Horned Ones and Khak'akamshy'y in the Dark Tongue.[1]


Bloodletters compose the majority of the daemonic hordes of Khorne. They stand as tall as a man, but their bodies are thin and wiry, with crested backs and broad shoulders. Their skin is red and scaly. Their heads are elongated with long horns, sharp needle-like teeth and long serpentine tongues.

In battle, Bloodletters tend to forgo strategy and tactics in favor of bounding from foe to foe, hacking with their Hellblades as they go. Their blows are unearthly strong, able to slay a Dragon with a single strike. Bloodletters do not use magic and gain some resistance to it from Khorne.

Notable Bloodletters

The Heralds of Khorne are the strongest of the Bloodletters.[3]