Tomb Scorpion

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A Tomb Scorpion.

A Tomb Scorpion is a Tomb Kings construct, made out of bone, stone, metal and other sturdy materials.

When the shell is built, the Liche Priests inscribe the binding hieroglyphs and perform a ceremony of awakening, that lasts from moonrise to dawn.[1][2]

Like the Tomb Swarms, the Tomb Scorpions often guard the entrances to the tombs, mercilessly punishing the intruders. In times of war, however, they make their way to the battlefield and wait under the sands until the Liche Priests send their spiritual call. When that happens, the Undead construct awakes, emerging from beneath, assaulting the enemy with its huge claws and mighty tail. Should the Scorpion get the opportunity, it is able to literally crush the enemy with its claws; nothing can survive the sheer strength of this blow, be it a Star Dragon or a Chaos Knight. However, it does not need to do so, for even a shallow wound could be lethal, due to the poison sacks inside its body.[2][3]

Should the enemy wizards try to obliterate this creation with their sorcerous powers, they could well see the strongest spells dissipate upon contact with Scorpion. This is because the Scorpion is honoured to carry the remains of destroyed Liche Priests, their presence protecting it from sorcerous harm.[2][3]



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