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Helmgart is a fortress and market town in the Grey Mountains and is a part of the Principality of Reikland of the Empire. [1a]

The fortress sits at one end of the great trade road that leads directly to Bögenhafen and eventually to Altdorf. It also guards the Empire's border with Bretonnia from the eastern side of Axe Bite Pass but in the 25th century IC, the soldiers of Helmgart patrol the pass to protect travellers and merchants from Greenskins, bandits, and other menaces. [1a]


Following wars with Bretonnia, the ramparts of Helmgart were lined with ageing skulls in elaborate helms and these remain in the castle cellars.[1a]


  • Marketplatz: A bustling place, rife with endless opportunities and uncounted thieves. [1a]
  • The Keep' Carved directly out of the mountainside by Dwarf, it is has three tiers of stout stone walls which buttress a great granite keep which dominates the surrounding terrain and provides a excellent view of the road below. [1a]
  • Walls: The main town wall is high, wide and imposing, broken only by a single, long tunnel standing between the two, sheer mountainsides. [1a]


A number of storied regiments garrison the fortress. [1a]


Traders from the local Dwarf clans sell ingots of iron, lead and silver, lead, and iron, as well as pieces of Dwarf-smithed metalwork whilst Bretonnian merchants travel here to barter armour, brandy, fine fabrics, wine and weapons arms. [1a]