Blood Keep

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Blood Keep was a ruined fortress which lay in the Grey Mountains, which separate Bretonnia from the Empire. The ruins lay to the west of the city of Nuln, and could be reached only by a lonely mountain trail. Before its destruction it was the fortress monastery of the knights of the Order of the Blood Dragon. The fortress guarded the mountain pass to Bretonnia, and the order's knights were pledged to the protection of the people of the surrounding area.

When the vampire Walach of the House of Harkon defeated the entire Order single-handed, in the order's own keep, the order fell to vampirism, and became the Blood Dragons. The living people of the area, long protected by the knights, now became the prey of the fallen Order. When the truth was uncovered, the keep was put under a lengthy siege by an Imperial army. At the end of the siege the order was destroyed as an organization, although a number of the knights survived.