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Solland was located in the south-east.

Solland was a former province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Merogens[1].

The symbol of the province was a golden sun and its colours were white and gold[3b]


The province was overrun in 1707 IC by Waaagh! Gorbad[3b], and Eldred, Solland's last Elector Count, was defeated and killed by Gorbad Ironclaw. Devastated and leaderless, the province was later annexed and absorbed by Wissenland[4][5a].


Solland's capital was the town of Pfeildorf[2] and the province was located between river Sol - its north-western border with Wissenland, and the river Upper Reik - its north-eastern border with Averland. The Black Mountains were its southern border.


Some noble families of Solland managed to flee Waaagh! Gorbad and established themselves in other parts of the Empire, mainly in Averland[3a][3b]. Some of their descendants, stubbornly refusing to accept the annexation of Solland, use the name Sudenland when speaking about the territories of their ancestral homeland. [5b].

Grudge Settler

Grudge Settler, Solland's runefang, was later recovered by a joint expedition of Dwarfs and Men led by the Dwarf Thane Ergrim Stonehammer in 2378 IC. [6a]. Part of the Imperial treasury, the sword is currently used by Reiksmarshall Kurt Helborg[5c].


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  • It is unclear if Eldred simply had no sons and heirs, or if they also perished in the battle. The count of Wissenland was likely the only credible choice to fill the vacuum left by Solland's power vacuum. It is also possible but unknown if the Count of Wissenland was related to Eldred, either by blood or through marriage.
  • The account in Warhammer Armies: The Empire (7th Edition) (pgs. 11, 12, 31) contains major mistakes.