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Domains Justice, Knowledge and Learning
Type Goddess
Affiliation Humans
Symbols Owl, Scale of Justice, Verrah Rubicon

Verena is the goddess of Learning, Knowledge, and Justice.

She is married to Morr, god of Death, and is the mother of Shallya, goddess of Mercy, and Myrmidia, goddess of War.

Symbols & Holy Day

Verena is portrayed as a tall, dignified beautiful woman. She may appear in the form of an owl or as an elderly sage of either sex.

Her symbols are an owl (represented entire or as a stylised head), the scale of justice weighed in the balance, the sword point downwards, and the Verrah Rubicon - the most respected ethical, religious, and scholarly text in the Old World.

Verena's holy day is the first day of each year. Minor days at beginning of each month and each week.


The search for Truth is the highest aspiration of man; Truth is sought through painstaking collection of facts and opinions, careful analysis of these facts and opinions, and weighing the facts, opinions, and analysis in light of ethics and moral law. Justice is for Verenans more than a concern for the letter of the law -- true justice is the law considered in the context of compassion and an understanding of human nature.

Reason is preferred over force, but her followers are willing to take up arms if diplomacy and reason fail.

Cult of Verena

Her cult appeals to an educated, upper-class, primarily urban minority. She is popular among scholars, magistrates, law enforcers, artists, nobles, enlightened merchants, lesser and greater state officials, and wizards and sorcerers in particular. She is worshipped throughout the Old World, especially in university towns such as Altdorf and Nuln. Private shrines can also be found in homes of diplomats, academics, and administrators. [2a]

Friendly with most other cults of the Old World, the followers of Verena dislike the followers of Ranald, holding them to be little more than petty criminals. The cult of Ranald the Protector is tolerated, unlike his other aspects.

Sub cults and Aspects

  • Clio: The Delver into the Past, she is often worshipped by exploreres Scriptisisand historians. [2a]
  • Renebeth: Prefect Lawyer: A male aspect of the goddess who pursues the truth no matter where it lies. [2a]
  • Scriptisi: Worshipped by calligraphers and focussed on accuracy and the beauty of execution. [2a]


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