Knights of the Blazing Sun

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Knights of the Blazing Sun.

The Order of the Blazing Sun is a famous Knightly Order of the Empire which follows the war goddess Myrmidia. [4]

The Order is currently based in Talabheim and the Knights of the Blazing Sun are arguably the greatest knights in the Empire. Favored by Myrmidia, many warriors are able to set their weapons ablaze with immolating fire, slaying their enemies for the Goddess of War.

Advantages and Disadvantages

They have the Wealthy Advantage due to the many trade contacts but also the Pariah Disadvantage due to their worship of a foreign diety. [10]


The origins of the Order began during the wars against Sultan Jaffar of Araby in 1457 IC. During the Battle of Magritta in Estalia, a group of 60 [8a] knights lent their aid in the battle to recapture the Temple of Myrmidia in Magritta from the Arabyans. The battle seemed lost for the Old Worlders until a sudden, freak earthquake shocked the temple, dislodging the huge bronze statue of Myrmidia atop the building, and sending it smashing to the ground, where it crushed the Emir Wazir the Cruel and his Black Scimitar Guard.[2a][10]

The leaderless Arabyan horde abandoned the temple to the Knights. To the Knights, the incident was unquestionably divine intervention from Myrmidia herself. Upon returning to the Empire, the veterans of the battle founded the Order of the Blazing Sun and built a shrine to Myrmidia in the heart of Talabheim.[2a][10]

The order soon found itself engaged in another conflict. Receiving news of Hochland's capital of Hergig having come under siege by the huge Beastmen horde of the Beastlord Gorthor, the knights of the recently founded order hurried towards the beleaguered city. Arriving weeks into the siege, the knights caught the Beastmen horde in the rear, cutting down the foul Chaos spawn by the droves and spreading chaos among the Beastmen. With the death of Gorthor at the hands of Hochland's Elector Count Mikael, the Beastmen retreated from the city and back into the wilderness. During the aftermath of the siege, the Order of the Blazing Sun spent many days pursuing the Beastmen.

They were one of the first to pledge themselves to Magnus the Pious for the Great War against Chaos. [6] Following the victory, Jaeke von Hendorf became Grand Master in 2303 IC, becoming the representiative of the goddess on the Grand Conclave. [8b]

Grand Master Maximillian von Klaus led an army against Antoine von Carstein, defeating him at the Battle of Schrolnetz Plain in 2465 IC. [11]

In 2511 IC, the Grand Master died in Nehekhara and was replaced by Dietr Krieghertz. [7]

Dietr led a force from Talebheim in 2515 IC to the aid of Middenheim which was besiged by Waaagh! Goretoof. On the way, he discovered that the town of Blüdhof was under attack by the Skaven and dispatched part of his force to aid it, resulting in the Battle for Blüdhof. [7]


Their main Temple is in the city of Talabheim, [5a] on the site of their first temple. There are also substantial komturies in Nuln, Wissenburg and Wurtbad. In addition they maintain a small fleet in Marienburg to fight Norse pirates and and serve the island komturie of Svunum.[6][9]



The Order values accomplishment and ability over birth or bloodlines which can cause friction with other Knightly Orders but it stems from the original battle to defend Magritta when men and women of all stations joined the fight. [4]

After completing their time as a Initiate the would be knight is sent to wander the Old World for two years to gain experience and knowledge in battle. [4]

  • Komturies: Losely bonded fighting groups commanded by a Hochmeister who leads leads them battle and selects them carefully to fulfil specific missions.[6]

Sub orders

There are three smaller crusading suborders which are tasked with not only embodying the spirit of their parent order, but operate with some alterations to make them more admirable in the eyes of the different cultures within which they operate. [6]

Weapons and Equipment

Armour is normally coloured black and gold or just gold with the sun often prominant on banners, barding and engraved onto the armour. Wounds in battle are commerated by red sashes. [5a]

  • 4th Edition: Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield, Sword and ride Barded Warhorse, may have a Magic Standard. [2b]




My Goddess is a patron of strategists. If one knight has been assigned to guard her temple, then one knight is sufficent to the task. Though only I stand before you, Myrmidia herself stands behind me. Now, which of you shall be the first to die.

~ Cristobál Cardana, Knight of the Blazing Sun.[1]

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