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During the Eighth Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles Games Workshop produced the following books:


Army Books

Title Released
Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos (8th Edition) 2013-03
Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves (8th Edition) 2013-10
Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs (8th Edition) 2014-02
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (8th Edition) 2012-04
Warhammer Armies: High Elves (8th Edition) 2013-05
Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen (8th Edition) 2013-08
Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms (8th Edition) 2011-09
Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins (8th Edition) 2011-03
Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings (8th Edition) 2011-05
Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts (8th Edition) 2012-01
Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos (8th Edition) 2013-02
Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves (8th Edition) 2014-05

Expansions and Supplements

Title Released Notes
Storm of Magic 2011-07 Additional magic spells, scenarios, magic items and monsters.
Blood in the Badlands 2011-12 Rules for map campaigns, sieges, and underground scenarios. Ties in to Mighty Empires (7th Edition).
Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos 2011-10 Campaign for Empire and Chaos, Chaos Dwarf army list & background, Empire and Chaos special characters, Nurgle units, monsters for Storm of Magic.
Monstrous Arcanum 2012-04 Additional monsters, artifacts and scenarios for Storm of Magic, campaign for High Elves and Skaven.
Warhammer: Civil War (8th Edition) 2012-04 Rules and scenarios for battles between forces from the same faction. First released in White Dwarf 385, 386, 387, and 388 (UK). Throughout the Warhammer world, war rages eternal. Yet the most deadly and bitter conflicts are not wars of conquest against exotic foes, but the clash of brother versus brother! This Warhammer supplement contains inspirational and evocative background about some of the Warhammer world’s most bloody civil wars. In addition, there are full rules for playing your own games pitting two collections of the same army against one another. Included are individual tables for every single race in Warhammer, allowing you to generate unique battles and victory conditions every time you play.
Battlefields: Lustria 2013-08 The jungles of Lustria ring with the sound of battle as the Lizardmen march to war. This product details a two player Warhammer campaign set in the steamy wilds of Lustria, allowing you to battle against a friend across the tabletop. It also includes digital campaign tracker, so you can mark your progress toward victory.
Battlefields: Border Wars 2013-08 Races clash endlessly across the battlefields of the Warhammer world, fighting bloody skirmishes to expand their domains and repel invaders. Border Wars is a two player Warhammer campaign that can be set anywhere in the war-torn Warhammer World. It allows players to use any armies they choose in a series of linked battles, charting a bitter war between rival nations. Border Wars also includes digital campaign tracker, helping you to mark your progress toward victory.
Battlefields: Northern Wastes 2013-10 In the Northern Wastes there is naught but death and madness, yet countless tribes dwell within, fighting for the glory of their twisted gods. Every sane Druchii fears the day when these barbarians stop warring against one another long enough to turn their attention towards our borders. Northern Wastes is a two player Warhammer campaign that can be set anywhere in the war-torn Warhammer World. It allows players to use any armies they choose in a series of linked battles, charting a bitter war between rival nations. Northern Wastes also includes a digital campaign tracker, helping you to mark your progress toward victory.
Triumph & Treachery 2013-11 Rules and scenarios for 3-5 player games.
Battle: Vanguard Clash 2013-12 Scenario for small forces.
Battle: Blood in the Snow 2013-12 Winter weather scenario rules.
Battlescroll: Crypt Scavengers 2013-12 New Vampire Counts rules: Necromancer, Crypt Horrors, Crypt Ghouls, Garden of Morr.
BattleScroll: Creatures of the Chaos Wastes 2013-12 New Warriors of Chaos rules: Vortex Beast, Slaughterbrute, Giant, Dragon Ogres, Chaos Spawn.
Warhammer Battlescroll: The Restless Dead 2013-12 New Vampire Counts rules: Wight King, Black Knights, Grave Guard, Skeleton Warriors
Battlescroll: Be'lakor 2013-12 Lord level special character for Warriors of Chaos or Daemons of Chaos.
Battlescroll: Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch 2014-03 Hero level character for Daemons of Chaos
Scrolls of Binding Compendium 2013-12 Rules for monsters from the army books not included in the original Storm of Magic.
Battlefields: The Underway 2014-02
Battlefield Challenge: Skullvane Manse 2011-11 Rules for including the new terrain piece of the same name. Jutting from a cliff carved with skulls and decorated with arcane symbols, Skullvane Manse is a forbidding edifice at the best of times. When the stars are in a certain alignment and the Winds of Magic blow strong, however, the tower attracts eldritch power that discharges around the battlefield. This Battlefield Challenge scenario, by games developer Jervis Johnson, provides all the information you need to fight exciting Warhammer battles in the unpredictable environs of this sorcerous tower, and also includes a comprehensive painting guide.
Battlefield Challenge: Deathknell Watch 2012-02 Rules and a scenario for the Deathknell Watch terrain piece; also called "Standing Watch". Deathknell Watch towers are found all across the Old World, maintained by the Empire’s College of Engineers and used to send signals warning of imminent invasion. This Battlefield Challenge scenario, by games developer Jervis Johnson, provides all the information you need to fight exciting Warhammer battles around one of these ancient watchtowers, and also includes a comprehensive painting guide.
Frozen Death (Scenario) 2010-12 Winter river-crossing scenario.
Warhammer: Tome of Battle 2012-05 Additional cataclysm spells, battle prayers, relics, and scenarios for Storm of Magic. Rules for Empire Warrior Priests and Witch Hunters.
Battlefield Challenge: Tower of Sorcery 2010-12 A new WFB scenario. White Dwarf 372 (UK).
The Battle for Karak Eight Peaks (White Dwarf) 2011-03 Background, campaign rules, and scenarios for theming battles in Karak Eight Peaks. White Dwarf 375 (UK).
Battlefield Challenge: The Garden of Morr 2011-09 A scenario and rules for Priests of Morr. White Dwarf 381 (UK).
Giant River Troll Hag Experimental Rules 2013 Rules to include the model, released after Monstrous Arcanum, in O&G armies and Storm of Magic games.
Ogre Rhinox Cavalry Updated Experimental Rules 2011-11 Rules to include the models for Ogre Kingdoms.
The Devastating Squig Gobba: Night Goblin's Monstrous War Machine 2013-05 Rules to include the models for O&G.
Regiment of Renown (8th Edition) 2013-06 Rules for the titular event held at Warhammer World Nottingham, and for recreating it elsewhere.
Scrolls of Binding 2011-10 Scrolls of Binding for the Thundertusk, Mournfang, and Stonehorn for Storm of Magic.
Unleash the Beasts 2011-12 Scrolls of Binding for the Jabberslythe, Cygor, and Ghorgon for Storm of Magic.
The Heirloom Table 2014-01 Rules for using randomly generated magic items in games of WFB.
The Rules: Belegar Ironhammer 2014-02 Rules for fielding the new Dwarf lord Belegar Ironhammer.
The Rules: Gyrobomber & Grimm Burloksson 2014-02 Rules for the Gyrobomber & the new special character Grimm Burloksson.
The Rules: Ironbreakers & Irondrakes 2014-02 Rules for Dwarf Ironbreakers and the new Irondrakes.
The Rules: Araloth & Durthu 2014-04 Rules for Wood Elf special characters Araloth, Lord of Talsyn and Durthu the Treeman.
The Rules: Sisters of the Thorn & Wildwood Riders 2014-05 Rules for the new Wood Elf units Sisters of the Thorn and Wildwood Rangers.
The Defence of Athel Loren (Minigame) 2014-05 Rules for a new Treeman minigame.

The End Times

Title Released Notes
Sigmar's Blood 2013-12 Campaign for Empire and Vampire Counts; lore acts as prelude to the End Times.
Warhammer: Nagash 2014-08 Undead Legion army list and lore; special characters for Undead, Empire, and Chaos; new terrain, Lore of Undeath, and narrative scenarios.
Warhammer: Glottkin 2014-10 Legions of Chaos army list; special characters for Chaos and Empire; street fighting rules; narrative scenarios.
Warhammer: Khaine 2014-11 Elven Hosts army lists, special characters for Elves, alternative magic rules, additional magic spells, narrative scenarios.
Warhammer: Thanquol 2015-01 Campaign rules, Lustria terrain rules, special characters and additional units for Skaven, narrative scenarios.
Warhammer: Archaon 2015-03 Grand Legion of the Everchosen army list, new units for Chaos, alternative army composition rules, special characters, Battlescrolls, narrative scenarios.


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