Storm of Magic

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Storm of Magic
Storm of Magic Cover.jpg
Author(s) Jeremy Vetock & Mathew Ward
Released 2010
Pages 152
ISBN 978 - 1907964077

Storm of Magic is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition.[1]


  • Introduction, pg. 4
  • Storms of Magic, pg. 5
    • A Tempest like no other, pg. 6
    • The Times of Great Magic, pg. 20
  • Beneath Unnatural Skies, pg. 23
    • The Rules, pg. 24
    • Cataclysm Spells, pg. 32
    • Ancestor Runes, pg. 50
    • Mythic Artefacts, pg. 52
  • Battles beyond Reason, pg. 67
    • Into the Storm! pg. 68
    • Sorcerous Terrain, pg. 74
  • A Call to Monsters, pg. 83
  • Bound Monsters, pg. 84
  • Index, pg. 152


When the Winds of Magic rise from zephyr to raging gale it is a cataclysmic event, a time of doom and great deeds. Armies of every realm march out to seize the boundless power, monsters rouse from their slumber to join the fray, and great pylons - conduits for arcane energies - rise from the ground. As battle lines clash beneath the unnatural skies, wizards duel to harness vast reservoirs of eldritch force that enable them to cast truly titanic spells of destruction. Under such storms are legends made.

~ Back cover.[1]