Karak Ziflin

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Karak Ziflin is a Dwarf hold in the Grey Mountains [1a]

In 2510 IC the hold had a population of about 2000 adult dwarves. [1a]


Subsidiary Settlements

  • Blackstone Tower: A human built tower that overlooks the Crooked Corridor pass through the Grey Mountains, built on Dwarf land without permission. The Emperor ceded control back to them and they now allow a human garrison to man it under their leadership. [2b]
  • Grung Ardzufak: A small mine worked by about 22 adult Dwarfs. [1a]
  • Khazad Elgazund: A fortress with a garrison of about 200 adult dwarves which overlooks the Montdidier Pass.[1a]


"My advice to his Imperial Majesty to ensure we maintain our vital trade link with Karak Ziflin: grow a beard and keep your promises.".

~Letter to the High Lord of the Chair, from Ambassador Willemijna von Kotzdam .[2a]

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