Silver Pinnacle

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Silver Pinnacle as manlings name it, was once the Dwarf hold of Karaz Bryn at the northern end of the World's Edge Mountains.


Before the War of the Beard broke out, King Borri Silverfoot sent word to the High King Gotrek of strange grey men wandering on the hearth and hills near his hold. After a party of rangers had gone missing, dwarves were no longer to leave the hold at night. [3]

For many years the hold traded successfully with the primitive city of Mourkain when that dark city was under the rulership of Kadon. However Kadon delved deep into the bones of the mountain beneath his own city and discovered the Crown of Nagash (as it and its master intended). He fell under the influence of that malign artefact and turned to necromancy and madness, souring his relationship with the dwarves and the trade ceased between them.[1]

In the year -800 in the Imperial Calendar, King Borri sent emissaries to the new ruler of Mourkain, the vampire Ushoran who was building a new empire from the primitives, hoping to recreate the lost city of Lahmia. Borri sent his son Razek to negotiate but he was waylaid by beastmen and nearly killed, only being saved from a brutal death by Neferata and her small retinue of vampires who had been drawn to the area by her visions of the Corpse Geometries .[1]

Neferata took up the role of Lady of Mysteries – the position which Ushoran had held in her own court and negotiated with Razek and Karaz Bryn to exchange gold for dwarven expertise and goods. The alliance continued to build under her stewardship and in -450 IC the two joined in battle against a large orc horde.[1]

The Crown of Nagash continued its malign work, this time on the vampire aristocracy that ruled the increasingly powerful Mourkain. Razek discovered things he should not and was slain and whilst the dwarves did not know his exact fate the trading alliance faltered. Ushoran decided that he would take the Silver Pinnacle and all its riches and commanded Neferata to do so by force, his will backed by the Crowns growing power. [1]

In -326 IC the hold fell to the undead, Neferata and her handmaidens having infiltrated it and waged a brutal war of subversion before gaining entry for the armies of Mourkain. Even then she attempted to twist the designs of her proclaimed master, offering Borri the lives and freedom of the surviving rinn (women) and beardlings (children) of the hold in exchange for the surrender of him and his remaining warriors. [1]

However she in turn was betrayed by her own and whilst she parlayed, her own blood child Khaled al Muntasir and the Strigori vampires were already slaughtering the women and children. The king and remaining warriors took the path of the Slayer in shame and sorrow and were killed in turn before Neferata turned on the Strigori to take the hold for her own.[1]

With the Dwarfs gone, Queen Neferata rebuilt Silver Pinnacle, transforming it from a functional stronghold to a mirror of her palace in lost Lahmia. The scents of burning incense and perfumed oils filled the air. The walls are covered in hieroglyphics picked out with gemstones and gold. Statues with lapis lazuli eyes where once the dwarven gods sat stare down at beautiful vampire handmaidens wearing the clothes of Nehekhara. [2]

In -15 IC Arkhan the Black came to the Silver Pinnacle with demands from his master for vampires to aid his war against Sigmar. Although Neferata refused to leave or send any of her own sisterhood, she did give him the traitorous Khaled who she was still tormenting.[1]



The fall of Silver Pinnacle is described in different ways in different sources - the novel Neferata describes the campaign to take the city in great detail, whilst the 8th Edition End Times: Nagash states that Neferata claimed it only after it had been overrun by greenskins. Previous versions of Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts agree with the novel's account.