Red Eye Mountain

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The Red Eye Mountain is a former Dwarf Hold now a fortress inhabited by Night Goblins of the Red Eye Tribe. [1a][3c][4a]

The Red Eye Tribe often have to fight to defend their home from the Skaven. [3c]


In former times it was a Dwarf hold called Karak Ungor (Khazalid, "Delving Hold"), [4a] so named because of the vast network of mining tunnels delving deep below the mountain fortress.[3c] Karak-Ungor was built over a great natural fault line rich in veins of rare and precious metals beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains. [7a]

Because the mineral wealth lay so deep below ground, the mines of Karak Ungor also became the deepest in the Dwarf empire. The delving continued until even the Dwarfs lost track of just how expansive the network of tunnels had become. [7a]

The Bloody Spires, lying south of Karak Vlag were the scene of a famous battle between the dwarfs of the hold and a horde of Goblins led by Grukha the Throttler. [6]

During the Time of Woes in -1500 IC, [8a] Karak Ungor became the first of the strongholds to fall to the sudden onslaught of the enemies of the Dwarfs. Goblins had entered through the abandoned tunnels. By the time that the Dwarfs realised what was happening, it was too late to mount any kind of organised or effective defence. The Goblins swarmed through the passages of Karak-Ungor, taking the tunnels one by one until the Dwarfs were forced to abandon the hold.[1a] It fell to goblin assault in -1499 IC and was recorded in Karaz-a-Karak's Great Book of grudges. [2a]

Since it fell, three High Kings have been killed trying to recapture the hold. [3c]

In -975 IC, the High King Skorri Morgrimsson leads a huge army in attempt to retake the hold. After intial successes they are driven back and Skorri dies shortly after. [3b]

Karak-Ungor holds a special place in the Dwarfs' ambitions; not least because of the vast veins still untapped. Karaz-a-Karak still sends many expeditions to make an attempt to reclaim a foothold in the Goblin-infested tunnels of the Delving. Few have ever been successful for long and fewer still have returned.

It is now the most notorious Night Goblin Stronghold north of Mad Dog Pass and whose warriors raid deep into the eastern Empire. [4a]

Grimgor Ironhide arrived after a failed expedition to Kislev, heading into the deepest tunnels to fight the Skaven Clan Mors lurking in its depths. He spends his winters, slaughtering his way through the Skaven and then in the spring leads his horde against the Empire or Kislev. [4b]





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