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Karak Azul (Iron Peak in Khazalid) is a Dwarf Hold primarily devoted to mining. It is here that the richest deposits of iron and many other metals and minerals in the Old World can be found. Of course, the rich metal deposits have also given rise to a large metalworking community, and several of the ancient clans claim a descent from Grungni, one of the Ancestor Gods.

Karak Azul is the southernmost hold of the Dwarfs. This is presumably due to the concentration and accumulated skill and wisdom of the city’s many weaponsmiths and craftsmen. This has made Karak Azul not only a proud southern bastion of Dwarf resolve, but also a source of much fine armour and weaponry. Many great Rune weapons are crafted there thanks to the skill of one of its most famous residents, Thorek Ironbrow, and goods are carried to the rest of the Holds through hidden mountain trails and the Underway.

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