Karak Azorn

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Karak Azorn is a abandoned Dwarf Hold in the Mountains of Mourn. [1a][2a]


It was assaulted by the Ogre Tyrant Thogub Smashclub of the Angry Fist Tribe who had a fondness for roast Dwarf meat. The defenders resisted for several years before the ogres managed to capture three Stonehorns and unleashed them against the main gate. When the gate was shattered, the dwarfs fell back into their halls, staunchly defending every step but to no avail. [2a]

As their Thane gathered his warriors for a last stand in the treasure hall, the ogres were distracted by their discovery of a large amount of Dwarfen ale. As they gorged themselves on the fallen, swilling down the ale by the barrel the survivors of the hold managed to make their escape. [2a]


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