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The vile, twisted creature known as Morghur is the essence of mutation and corruption given form. His coarse hair is woven through with gibbering, shrieking skulls, and his form flows and reshapes with every passing second. Morghur's lair is deep within a cave near the Forest of Arden. The dank, stone walls flow like water in his presence, constantly reforming to mirror the dark visions that plague him.[1]

Morghur's mind is filled with images of destruction and desolation. Hatred boils within his heart, and he is consumed with the desire to make his waking-dreams become reality - to rip down civilisation in all its forms, to shatter order wherever it is found and to change the world constantly and randomly. As he walks the world, everything in his presence is irrevocably twisted. Grass grows in disturbing patterns beneath his hooves, streams flow backwards and animals mutate horribly.[1]

Beastmen revere Morghur, believing that his spirit walked the world before the birth of their race; the incarnation of disorder and Chaos. They set out from thousands of miles away to stand in his presence, drawn to him by urges they do not question; a tainted pilgrimage that often destroys them. Only the strongest­ willed survive the encounter, though their minds are usually shattered and plagued by nightmare visions ever after. The bodies of most are wracked by fatal change. Those few that return with minds intact to their warherds are regarded with awe and respect, invariably rising to become powerful chieftains.[1]

The shamans claim that if the physical body of Morghur is cut down, his spirit is reborn elsewhere. Indeed, tales of creatures of similar description are told all across the Old World, and darkness, mutation and taint has always followed in his wake. The Elves know this being as Cyanathair, the Corrupter, and amongst the Dwarfs he is the Gor-Dum. Legends of the Empire claim that in ages long past this being made the Drakwald the dark and twisted place it is today. Nevertheless, the only one to perhaps understand the true horror and revulsion of Morghur is Queen Ariel of the Wood Elves. It is she alone who truly perceives the black and expansive essence of Morghur, too powerful a spirit to be contained in a single physical form. War rages between the Wood Elves and the Beastmen as Ariel seeks a way to destroy Morghur forever, while with every year ever more Beastmen are drawn to his distorted realm.[1]